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A Simple Guide to Decals – Why Should You Get A Wall Decal

A Simple Guide to Decals - Why Should You Get A Wall Decal

A Simple Guide to Decals - Why Should You Get A Wall Decal


If you think your business office needs a little revamping, the installation of a wall decal may just do the trick. There’s no need to look for a fresh can of paint or shop for wallpaper that could end up looking awful alongside your existing furniture. Through these ultra-thin vinyl materials, you’ll be able to enhance the look and atmosphere of your office without much effort!

Wall decals are actually a growing trend in offices and businesses, even extending to households. If you’re running a business, wall decals are a good way to relay information to customers. They’re also a great way to add interest to any space, used as an interior decor that requires fewer costs, effort, and commitment. If you’re not fully convinced just yet, here are some more benefits a wall decal can bring to your space:


1. A wall decal is a marketing tool in itself

Through their installation, you’ll be able to make a statement for your business. A wall decal is a subtle tool, as its design will be able to relay your brand image in the best way possible. In fact, a wall decal can be more powerful than adding a standard coat of paint or installing a new roll of wallpaper, as these methods can actually hurt your brand image by making your office look worse. However, through wall decals, you’ll have an office that looks dynamic, creative, and modern!


2. It’s flexible due to customisation

Since they’re essentially giant stickers, you’ll be able to tailor your wall decals accordingly by using original digital designs. You can incorporate your logo as well as control the colour palette and overall design, making sure that your brand is represented well. Moreover, you do not have to stick with just images. Should you wish to make a wall infographic made entirely of decals, you have the liberty to do so! With its digital nature, the possibilities are endless.


3. They offer practicality

Your expenses will only comprise of hiring an artist or a designer, as well as the actual production and installation of the wall decal. You can even opt to forgo the installation process itself and do it on your own— all you need to do is peel off the backside of the paper and attach the decals on your walls. Whatever the case, choosing to get decals means choosing practicality in terms of both money and time.


4. No commitment required!

Seeing as they’re easy to peel and stick on the wall, undoing them is just as easy. This is the reason why most business shops go for these decals, because they’re easily replaceable. Take retail shops, for instance. They go by seasons and sales, and one of the best ways they advertise is through placing decals on their glass windows. Once the season is over, they simply peel those away and replace them with new ones! Choosing to install wall decals over fresh coats of paints or new wallpapers provides you with the same amount of room for changes.




Wall decals are the result of the dawn of the digital revolution, and it’s highly unlikely that the trend will go away soon. With the multiple benefits listed above, it’s no wonder that businesses are utilising the tool to drive business growth. With the prospect of customisation and its incredible practicality, decals are truly innovative tools that don’t just decorate—it adds value!

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