The proper use of signage is one of the best ways of getting your business noticed. A study conducted by Australia Post  reveals that over 75 per cent of customers have been compelled to enter a business store for the first time based on signages alone. About 50 per cent of these respondents have also indicated that poor signage discourages them from visiting.

If you’re looking to have a sign created for your business, corflute is one of the best options available on the market. It’s made from plastic that resembles corrugated cardboard. It has a uniformly ribbed surface and also comes in varying degrees of thickness. Most people opt for corflute because it is rigid yet bendable, making it a durable choice for any three-dimensional signage. If you’re still not convinced, here are more reasons you need to choose corflute:


1 – Offers versatility

Corflute can be used in various ways, for plenty of different settings, including the outdoors. It can be used on construction and development sites, where proper signage reminds workers of safety and instructions. It can also be used for festivals and events, especially for directions pointing to necessary locations, such as comfort rooms. It can also be used by businesses for price lists and menus and even emergency exits and aisle signs.

Companies also use this material for advertising their products or services, which allows them to deliver messages in various environments effectively. They’re also customisable in terms of design and colour, allowing you to express whatever message you wish to convey.


2 – It’s cost-effective

Corflute is the cheaper alternative to aluminium panels and colour-bond signages. You’ll get value for money, especially when you need them in larger quantities. They’re also the go-to materials for temporary signages, especially when it comes to seasonal advertising and one-time events.


3 – It is durable

As you can probably tell, corflute is the popular choice for outdoor signages, mainly because it stands well against the elements. They’re waterproof, and any presence of rain will not wash them away. You need not go through drying processes, too, as they are made of plastic. They are also lightweight, which makes their durability even more impressive. Signs made from aluminium and other heavy materials can be a drag to use, especially when you have to haul them from one place to another. Corflute is portable and can easily be stored.

Perhaps the only thing you need to worry about is extremely windy conditions. As previously mentioned, corflute bends easily, making it susceptible to warping by the wind. If you’re dealing with such conditions, corflute may not be the best choice.


4 – Easy to install

Adding to the affordability is easy installation. Corflute signs are often seen in the various places—nailed to electric poles, nailed to cement walls, even tied around trees, or even propped up against anything. They’re designed for a no-hassle installation process, so there’s no need to pay extra to ensure proper fitting by professionals.


The takeaway 

Having well-designed and durable signages are good for your business, as it encourages customers to enter your store. From everything discussed, the benefits of choosing corflute are undeniable—they’re easy, durable, flexible, and affordable!

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