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5 Alternative Ways to Hang Objects Inside Your Office – Our Guide

5 Alternative Ways to Hang Objects Inside Your Office - Our Guide

5 Alternative Ways to Hang Objects Inside Your Office - Our Guide


Hanging décor and office essentials on your walls is one of the many steps you’ll make in building a workplace environment. Giving your office a makeover, however, is no simple task because you’ll have to make sure that you make an appealing and welcoming space for your staff and your clients.


Different ways to attach décor to your wall

Some property owners are strict about what can and can’t be done on their property’s walls. If you’re looking for a loophole out of your landlord’s demands, we have a variety of solutions you can try out.

In this article, we will share five alternative ways to hang objects around your office:


1. Attach hooks with adhesives

Wall hooks are great to have for attaching both light décor and heavy wall pieces, such as cork boards and portraits. Instead of drilling a hook through your walls, you can use hooks with adhesives for your wall attachments.

Heavy-duty adhesive manufacturers make special adhesives attached to hooks that make them easy to install and remove without leaving too much damage on your walls. Although some adhesives are strong enough to carry a few pounds, you shouldn’t make the mistake of hanging breakable pieces on hooks for safety purposes.


2. Use clothespins

If your office face has a tall space in between the floor and the ceiling, you could make use of clothespins to fill up the empty spaces. A durable clothespin makes for an excellent holder of light decorations, such as photographs or similar material.

Simply attach two hooks on the opposite sides of a wall then pick your choice of adhesive for your decorations. You can use easy-to-remove paper clips and binder clips, or you could secure them in place with different types of tape.


3. Use decorative tape

The presence of tape-attached décor on walls can look very amateurish, especially if it’s done with low-quality tape. Using this method of attaching décor can peel off the paint from the wall, which is an unfortunate side effect for an adhesive that doesn’t have durable and lasting strength. New tape models, however, have made it possible to avoid the DIY-look of tape in its aesthetic and its effectiveness.

Decorative tape can securely hold your décor in place without appearing out of place in your office. You should remember to align your tape correctly so that it can look clean while giving a reliable grip on your wall’s surfaces.

4. Install a wire display

Wire displays are easy to install if you’re looking to attach multiple objects on the wall and would like to move it without dismantling its arrangement quickly. Depending on your walls’ area, you can attach one large shelf to cover the entire wall or multiple smaller shelves to introduce divisions on your decor.

If you want to put more layers and dimension on your wire display, you can attach smaller wire shelves on larger installations. At the same time, you should remember to ensure that the main shelf attached to the wall has durable hooks that are strong enough to carry the load of multiple racks.


5. Cover your walls with magnetic paint

Coating them with magnetic paint is an excellent way to avoid damaging them while saving on your budget for adhesives. You’ll need a few gallons of magnetic paint for the wall and a couple of magnets for attaching your décor to make a DIY magnetic wall.

It’s recommended that you to put several coats of paints to make sure that the effectiveness of the magnetic properties is increased. On the other hand, some brands will require the use of primers to achieve the same outcome.



There are many ways to go past the limitations that your business has to face. From your limited business operations to what you can and can’t put on your wall, every obstacle requires a little bit of thinking outside the box.

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