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5 Aspects to Consider for Eye-Catching Window Graphics – What to Know

5 Aspects to Consider for Eye-Catching Window Graphics - What to Know

5 Aspects to Consider for Eye-Catching Window Graphics - What to Know


If your store happens to be located at a place with a significant amount of foot or vehicle traffic, it’s a smart move to utilise storefront window graphics. It will help you catch the attention of passersby, increase your visibility, and stand out from the neighbouring stores.

Window graphics and decals also help you enhance your company’s appeal and share with the public your culture through the designs. Considering this, you must put sufficient time and effort into conceptualising and strategising for your storefront window graphics for them to work.

Whether you’re in consumer retail or professional services, your business can enjoy the benefits of having window graphics as long as you consider these five aspects:


1. Your brand

As mentioned above, window decals are great avenues for communicating your company culture and message to the people. While this is true, you also have to remember looking from the other perspective. The people who come across your store will naturally link every element they see in your window graphics to your business’s identity.

Make sure your window decals are an accurate representation of who you are and what you do. Examine every element in the design thoroughly and ask for a second or third opinion from people you trust.


2. The colours you will use

Colours are another essential aspect of your window graphics. It is your business and what you do that will dictate the colours you will incorporate into the design. Some stores would need simpler and subtler designs, while others need something more vibrant, playful, and colourful.

Taking a look at your business’s personality and values can help you choose the set of colours and shades that are aligned with your brand.


3. The illustrations to use

You have two choices when it comes to the visuals: photographs and illustrations. Photographs capture things realistically, while illustrations mainly convey abstract concepts.

Compared to photographs, illustrations are more commonly used in window graphics because they can make use of objects, shapes, and effects to convey a wide variety of feelings and ideas.

Working with an experienced designer of window decals can help you create graphics that are eye-catching, memorable, and unique to your business.


4. The location of the installations

As you design your window graphics, take a good look at the space where it will go. It may seem like a blank canvas at first, but you have to pay closer attention to the surrounding structures, such as the adjacent windows, the walls between them, or even the entrance.

If you’re feeling creative, you can incorporate these structures to the design you are creating. Make the negative space, if there is any, work to your design’s advantage.


5. The function of the graphics

Other than catching passersby’s attention to your store, window graphics can also perform different functions, like bearing your business hours or listing the services you offer. Your storefront window graphics are not limited to bearing only your business’s name; if you have more spaces, think out-of-the-box ideas on how you can transform these extra spaces.



Window graphics are essential in catching people’s attention and encouraging traffic to your stores. However, without proper preparation and conceptualisation, these designs may instead harm your business’s reputation. Considering this, you must pour out time, thought, and effort into your designs before installing them to your store’s windows.

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