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Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Using the traditional yard signage is one of the best ways to advertise a campaign, a piece of information, or promote your business or organisation in your community. It uses inexpensive yet durable materials, it is easy to install, and you can customise it according to your preferred size. However, when asking a printer to produce yard signage for you, they’ll ask you a lot of questions about your preferences. Things can be overwhelming for someone who has no background about this type of signage.

If you’re planning to print yard signs for any purposes, here’s your little guide. We provided answers on the frequently asked questions about yard signs, so you’ll have an idea of what to say to your sign supplier.


1. What is a yard sign?

A yard sign is the small advertising signage you often see on the lawn facing the street or anywhere else in a property to express support for a product, a service, a political position, an election candidate, events, directional signage, or for business use. Apart from the yard, you can also display it anywhere.


2. What is a yard sign made of?

Yard signage is often made from corrugated plastic or Corflute that has vertical fluting or the columnar interior you see in the material. Corflute materials are usually 4mm thick. Because this fluting has little holes in them, you can place wire stakes inside and display it in any yard or landscape. They are also highly flexible types of signage. You’ll see them displayed using metal frames, real estate posts, or with a grommet. Most real estate advertisements use aluminium signs.

Besides the Corflute or corrugated plastic, you can also use other materials to create yard signage. One option you have is rigid plastic signs. These are the flat and durable signage you mostly see on the walls of a restaurant, construction projects, office, and more.


3. What’s the size of a yard sign?

Yard signs come in different sizes depending on what purpose you’ll use it for. The objective should be for all intended people to see your message or information. The typical size used is 24 inches by 18 inches, or two feet wide and one and a half feet tall, as it’s a good enough size for people to read.

If you have no idea what size you should use, here are the other popular measurement used for yard signs you can refer to:

  • 24 inches by six inches
  • 18 inches by 12 inches
  • 38 inches by 18 inches
  • Two feet by two feet
  • Four feet by four feet

The dimension you’ll use also depends on the site where you’ll place it and the kind of framing you’ll use. Here are some important notes to consider when choosing a size for your signage:

  • Use a larger size if you are to display your signage in a difficult-to-see area
  • Use large signage if you’ll use real estate frames


4. How does each type of display differ from each other?

  • Using wire stakes

Wire stakes are commonly used for signage with vertical fluting. This combination is the simplest and fastest way to display your signage. When choosing wire stakes, the first thing you should consider is the size of your display. This type of display method is best used for the standard size of 24 inches by 18 inches, or any size under 48 inches wide.


  • Using metal frames

If your signage needs stability, using metal frames is your best option. It is also the best framing for large signage or those 48 inches and above. If you’re using real estate frames, the standard size for them would be 24 inches wide and 18 inches tall.


  • Using sign riders

Sign riders are used for displaying names, phone numbers, contact information, and more. The standard size for sign riders is 24 inches by 6 inches.


  • Using real estate posts

Real estate posts is the signage you often see right next to the yard sign. They appear as if hanging from a post. It can hold any size up to 36 inches wide.


  • Using grommets

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to display your signage, using grommets is the best method. You can use grommets in any sized signage, and you can mount it onto any fence or wall.



The yard sign is the simplest and most affordable way to advertise your information or message on-ground. However, it will only be productive if you’ll also choose the right size, the best location, and the proper framing for your signage. Refer to this guideline when finding the ideal size and setup for your advertisement, and you’ll discover which one would work best for your needs.

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