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4 Easy Steps to Hanging Prints Safely on Your Wall

Hanging canvas prints, posters, and custom banners on your wall are a good way to bring life into an otherwise drab room. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as simple as hammering nails on your wall and calling it a day. Improper use of hammers and nails can obviously lead to accidents and injury, while inadequate planning can lead to rather unsightly holes on your wall.

The Tools You’ll Need

Before starting the process, it’s best to make sure that you have all the tools you need close by to do the installation in one go. Here are the tools you should have if you want to hang your wall art pieces properly.

  • Stud Finder – If you’re using nails to hang your piece, then it’s good practice to keep your frames supported by wall studs. These are the wooden beams that frame and support the drywall or wood planks that make up your wall. Because they are hidden beneath the wall, you’ll need a way to determine where your studs are. Some stud finders use small but powerful magnets, allowing you to find nails and screws embedded within the studs. Meanwhile, other stud finders use a radar to detect the presence of a stud behind the wall.
  • Hammer – Hammers come in many shapes and sizes. To prevent injuries, it’s best to use a smaller hammer in applications like hanging prints on your wall.
  • Finishing Nails – Finishing nails are typically smaller nails with tiny heads that can be hidden rather easily.
  • Painters Tape – In this particular application, painters tape will be used to mark the top position of the frame for easier levelling.


Hanging Your Prints On Your Wall

Step 1: Look for the general area where you want to hang your piece  

When looking for a place to hang your piece, don’t just look for a blank wall. Consider it’s positioning against other elements in the room. Most people recommend hanging your piece at slightly above eye level. Usually, this means choosing a spot between 57” to 60” above the floor for bare walls.

Step 2: Look for wall studs

The easiest way to look for wall studs is with a stud finder. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you can always knock on different parts of the wall until you find a spot that sounds different. Most of the other spots on your wall should have a hollow sound, so the spot that doesn’t is likely where your studs are. If you find that the position of the stud doesn’t work for you, then you may want to think about using alternative means of hanging wall pieces, such as adhesive-based wall hangers.

It’s good practice to mount things where your studs are for added support. However, if you are certain that your canvas print or custom banner is smaller than 18” x 18”, then you might also get away without nailing to a stud. 

Step 3: Use painters tape to mark the position of the nail  

Painters tape is a quick and easy way to mark where you need to hammer the nail in without damaging your wall’s paint. You can simulate the area where your indoor sign or art piece is supposed to hang by running the tape along the top side of the frame, cutting it to size, and placing it on the wall.

Using a ruler, you can find the midpoint of the tape and mark it. This is where your nail should be hammered in. Make sure the midpoint is on a wall stud to avoid damaging your wall.

Step 4: Hammer the nail and hang it up

Once your nail position is secure, you can proceed to hammer it down. Make careful, but decisive blows on the nail head—three to four blows should be enough. A good rule of thumb to follow is to leave enough room on the nail so as to hang the frame conveniently without the nail jutting out noticeably.


Hanging canvas prints, retail signs, and custom banners to your indoor walls are quick and easy if done properly. By following the four steps above, you should be able to hang any piece on your wall without unintended damage or injuries

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