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Why Corflute Is King – 5 Reasons to Use These Signs

Why Corflute Is King - 5 Reasons to Use These Signs

Why Corflute Is King - 5 Reasons to Use These Signs


The modern shop has evolved in terms of how it runs, how it attracts customers, and what makes it succeed. If you’ve seen sad and bland looking storefronts, you’ve likely either ignored or tried avoiding it entirely. This is only normal, humans have high regard for aesthetic value, preferring to patronise shops that have intriguing graphical value and unique designs than those with an utterly dull appearance.

In fact, a study was done by FedEx America that found that over three-quarters of consumers entered a store for the first time based on their signage alone. Additionally, it was found that over half of these respondents acknowledged that they were discouraged from entering a brick and mortar business due to poor signage design!


Signage is No Longer What It Used to Be

In the world of advertising your business, your need to do more than just administering flyers at the corner or having a wood sign with some paint hung outside your store. Signage has evolved significantly, coming in various forms, like boards, flags, or even just stickers and decals installed on the windows of a business’ front door. 

The options do not stop there, and there is undoubtedly an amazing number of signage types available for use. If you’re looking for reliable and highly affordable signage for your business, then your best option is the corflute sign.


What is the Corflute Sign?

You have likely seen corflute in your many trips to different stores and restaurants. After all, it is an amazing product that is both durable and highly versatile. It is a kind of plastic board that resembles corrugated cardboard, which is referred to some as “corrugated plastic.” Corflute has a uniformly ribbed surface, coming in various thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 8mm. 


Why Use Corflute For Your Signs?

Still unsure about this material? Here are some of the reasons why corflute is amazing to use as a signage material:

1. The Durability

Durability is the number one factor in signage, as you don’t want to spend on your advertising pieces repeatedly. Because of its plastic build, it is waterproof, withstanding the outdoor elements quite well. A day in the rain will not do anything to degrade its quality, as water just rolls off of it, and it dries out effortlessly after the rain disappears. 

2. The Cost-Effectiveness

Because it is cheap to make and use, these can be printed on easily and then discarded when the time comes. This makes it perfect for temporary signage because other forms may be too expensive for short-term use. It also looks attractive enough with the right printing service, making it perfect for marketing use.

3. The Simple Installation

Because it is lightweight, it is one of the easiest signage materials to install. It can be placed almost anywhere and taken down and replaced when needed. It can be attached through the use of glue, screws, nails, or other adhesives on a flat surface. You can also use eyelets to attach it to fences or form three-dimensional patterns. 

4. The Highly Customizable & High-Quality Designs

The shapes and sizes of corflute signage are plenty, and signage manufacturers that can create these online can customise it further to your liking. 

Additionally, there are no colour restrictions when it comes to printing on this material, as it is a lot like printing an image on paper! The spectrum of shades and colours you can get with it are extremely varied and of high-resolution, making it a great aesthetic choice for your business.

5. The Fast Production

Corflute signs are easy to print and are fast to produce. They are not only inexpensive to manufacture, but the modern technologies in printing allow quick turnaround times, too!



Creating corflute signs is a great help for your business’ marketing strategy, and you will be pressed to find better and more cost-effective solutions to advertising. By using these for your business, you will not only be able to have a spruced up storefront, but you’re sure to catch the attention of most passers-by!

Are you looking for a provider of custom corflute signs online? All Signs Online can provide you with bespoke designs and high-quality products for all your business needs in Australia. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you!

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