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How to Make Attractive Storefronts by Dressing up Your Windows

How to Make Attractive Storefronts by Dressing up Your Windows

How to Make Attractive Storefronts by Dressing up Your Windows


Having shop signage is a given if you have a brick and mortar store. You need a way to call attention to your establishment and to let your customers know how to find you. Great signage design can invite people to visit your store. The right sign can also set you apart from your neighbours and makes for attractive photos when you promote the shop online.

When you think about signage, you should consider having both permanent and temporary signs. Permanent signage establishes your presence, while temporary ones allow you to promote offerings and give customers new reasons to come back. One easy way to creatively apply temporary signage is to use dress up your shop windows. 

Your shop window is one of the first things customers will see. They may even notice it before they see your permanent sign. You want to make sure that what is on display clues them in on the special offers you have in-store. Here are several ways you can create attractive storefront displays quickly and easily:


1. Window decals

Window decals are cut-out graphics, lettering, and images that have a semi-permanent adhesive backing. You can arrange them in predetermined layouts, or you can ask your graphic designer to create exciting patterns. You can apply decals to a small section or the entire panes of glass. Since these are semi-permanent, they make great decorations to last for a season or three to four months at a time. 


2. Large-format stickers

When you have a limited-term offer on a product or service, you might want to add a large sticker to your window. Stickers are like posters. You can use them for advertising new arrivals, holiday discounts, or pay-day sales. Short-term stickers are usually smaller so you may be able to install them without the assistance of a professional.


3. Chalk markings

When you want to get creative, you can hire an artist to draw on your store windows. If you are feeling confident, you can purchase your materials and draw on them yourself. Chalk is cheap, easy to use, and quick to remove. You don’t need to wait for printing, delivery, or installation. The downside with chalk is that it comes in oil or water-based formulas which can be easily washed away by the rain.


4. Static clings

As the name suggests, static attaches itself to the glass without the use of adhesive material. Static clings are another quick and easy way to advertise and call attention to your storefront. They are usually smaller than posters but large enough to catch the customer’s eye. Clings leave no adhesive residue, so you can remove and reattach them as you see fit, with minimal clean-up involved. 


You might receive static cling badges from brands you partner with, or independent review sites where you achieve outstanding rankings. You can proudly display these images to boost your appeal and increase your credibility.

Whether you have big or small windows, there’s always an opportunity to keep the shop front interesting. Pick a simple and easy window treatment, and you can quickly transform the look of your store and give customers a reason to drop by.

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