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4 Considerations When Choosing the Best Braille Signage

Unisex Toilet

Unisex Toilet


Braille signage is becoming more prominent due to the needs of visually impaired individuals. In Australia, there are around 575,000 who are either completely or partially blind. This reality has influenced more establishments and local businesses to use statutory braille signage for their customers’ convenience. 

This article helps you take note of what defines the best braille signage. We will talk about the different key features that your customers or client can appreciate. This should also be taken as an opportunity to become more familiar with visually impaired individuals and to be a valuable ally for this community. 

1. Impeccable braille craftsmanship

The braille on the signage should always be your first indicator of whether the sign is of high quality. You need to make sure that it is legible and easy to read for your visually impaired customers. The key is to use the braille alphabet as a reference to see whether each embossed detail is correct. 

Another key indicator to quality braille signage is in the right positioning of the embossed visual symbols. Remember that visually impaired individuals can be accompanied by assistants who help guide them. Some of them can read braille and appreciate when the signage is easy to understand. Ensure that the quality of craftsmanship is impeccable down to the finest braille dot. 


2. Made of durable material and clear printing

Braille signage should be made to last since their repeated use among different individuals may easily wear away over time. This results in the damage of either the embossed braille symbols or the accompanying visuals themselves. This can inconvenience not only your visually impaired clientele but also those who see. 

High-quality braille signage is made to last with durable materials like metal and polypropylene. The printing should also be clear, as non-visually impaired can also use the signage. Take note that high-quality signage also has indoor and outdoor applications, as they are made versatile for any intended use.  


3. Compliance to local signage standards

Australian building codes are, fortunately, very progressive, with many builders and experts lobbying for a standardised set of requirements for all mandatory signage. This will also help you ensure that you buy not only the best signs but also those that comply with these legal standards. 

Braille signage in Australia has specifications as stated in Specification D3.6 Braille and Tactile Signs. The specifications include the typeface, word spacing, negative space rate, and other crucial details that benefit the visually impaired. See to it that your signage provider complies with these requirements. 

4. Inclusive symbols

Visually impaired individuals in Australia come in different spectrums, and not just in relation to their vision. Some are of different sexual and gender orientations. There are also those with multiple impairments, who should also be given assistance. 

See to it that you champion an all-inclusive space using the appropriate signage. For instance, have all-gender toilets as a safe and convenient service for all your customers or clients. With Australia leading in being all-inclusive among its citizens, you should be the same by simply installing the right and best signage. 



Visual impairment is an unfortunate and common condition in Australia, but you can provide hope by being a valuable ally to these individuals and using the best braille signage. Take note that there are different requirements and specifications for this. To help guide you further, partner with a professional signage provider today!

Are you in need of professionally crafted statutory braille signages in Australia? Consult with us today at All Signs Online. We offer a wide range of signage and custom banners for your needs. We also see to it that we offer you braille signage that is all-inclusive and comply with local standards. Order your signs from us today! 

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