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3 Common Settings Where Floor Decals Can Be Used

3 Common Settings Where Floor Decals Can Be Used

3 Common Settings Where Floor Decals Can Be Used


When it comes to business and marketing, various printed graphic designs are often installed on doors and windows, floors and walls, and other commercial spaces. These designs serve to enhance the aesthetic value, promote products or services, give directions, or inform and educate the public.

When it comes to graphic designs, floor decals have recently been on the rise because of their many benefits. For the uninitiated, they are adhesive graphics made from vinyl materials and applied to floor surfaces. They are employed by many retail businesses and even organisations for various purposes. 

In this article, we’ll share with you three common settings where floor decals are typically used and what they are for:


1. Industrial and manufacturing settings: For safety purposes

It’s inevitable for industrial settings and manufacturing plants to have some safety hazards that can affect the well-being of the employees. For one, they have complex machinery and complicated moving parts that can create dangerous spaces. Two, they have hazardous materials and harmful chemicals that are commonly used in the business processes and applications. For these reasons, effective safety measures need to be set in place. 

That said, floor decals can be beneficial for safety messages and directional purposes. Industrial facilities and manufacturing plants can either have painted floors or applied graphics that can be installed on walking paths, floors in hazardous areas, or even restricted locations.


2. Retail settings: For marketing and sales

Floor decals are best used in retail companies to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. This is why it’s easy to see mall floors and commercial spaces to have graphics during holidays like Memorial Day, christmas deals, and even back-to-school sales. These floor surfaces usually contain ad messages showing discounts, upcoming sales, and promotions of products or services. Graphics can also be displayed on commercial floors as a way to boost brand awareness or recognition. 

Ultimately, these materials are an excellent signage solution in marketing a brand and promoting products or services. Yet, they are also tentative solutions that can be both easily applied and removed.


3. Convention centres, sports arena, and schools: For guidance and direction

Apart from sales and marketing, one of the common uses and applications of floor decals is to provide guidance and directional purposes, as mentioned earlier. It’s easy to see convention centres, sports arenas, and educational institutions having floor graphics installed to convey particular messages when it comes to these purposes.

There are often permanent solutions typically installed in business establishments to help with foot traffic flow and direct employees and clients to the bathrooms and other areas. Some temporary graphic solutions can also be utilised during business conferences and events meant to guide participants.



At this point, we’ve covered the three industries where floor decals are commonly used. As discussed above, they are utilised in the industrial and manufacturing settings for safety purposes, retail settings for marketing and sales, as well as convention centres, sports arena, and schools for guidance and direction.

Apart from conveying messages, floor decals are installed for decorative purposes as well. Ultimately, they are a flexible and affordable signage solution that you can take advantage of for various situations and settings. 

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