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5 Types of Signage That Grab Customers’ Attention

5 Types of Signage That Grab Customers' Attention

5 Types of Signage That Grab Customers' Attention


A successful business is one that gets noticed. If you want your store to grab people’s attention, you need to invest in eye-catching and high-quality signage. Your store signage represents the easiest and most effective way to increase your store’s foot traffic. They act as your silent yet high-performing salespeople that draw people in and help them navigate the space. 

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, here are the top types of signage you must have in your store:


#1. Outdoor Signage

A store’s outdoor signage is the most crucial signage that your business should have. It impacts the impression people get from your store, and it is what pushes potential customers right outside your door to come in and explore. 

Outdoor signage is not only an announcement of what your business name is. It should also act as effective advertising materials for your brand. Outdoor signage has multiple forms, and these do not only refer to the signs you have by your store’s entrance. It can be a sidewalk sign, a window sign, and any signage you place in high-traffic locations.

For outdoor signage to be efficient, it must be branded effectively to draw customers in and compelling enough to communicate the experience they will have inside your store.  


#2. Informational Signage

This signage type is also known as the directional, organisational, wayfinding, and departmental signage. Its purpose is to help customers navigate a space easily and make sure they find what they came in for. 

For that reason, informational signage needs to be clear and concise. Customers should understand the message communicated in a glance. Using large and bold fonts in a highly-visible colour scheme will help you accomplish this goal. You also need to make sure that your store is always in an orderly fashion for this signage to work. 


#3. Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage is what you use if you want to influence people to take a specific action inside your store. It can be an advertisement for a promotional product or a limited-time offer. This signage is what you need if you want to improve the performance of the products you sell, especially those that do not get much attention or any new products you are introducing to your market.

Make your persuasive signages eye-catching and witty to successfully grab people’s attention, but do not forget that they are only displays. The main attraction in the store should still be the product you are endorsing.


#4. BCA Compliant Signage

BCA or Building Code of Australia Compliant Signage refers to the signages that you can spot in the common areas found in every establishment. It is a mandatory requirement for all establishments set by the Australian government, and it is another way for the business to express their care for their customers. It is the sign you see on parking slots, restrooms, cashier stations, fitting rooms, and elevators. 

Having these accessible features in your store but not placing signage for each is a disservice to your customers. If your store has a special entryway for people with disabilities, a sign that indicates this should be by the main entrance. If your store has a portable ramp, you also need to declare it through signage so that customers can request for it when needed. All permanent interior signages should also have Braille and tactile characters in legible fonts and contrasting colours placed at a particular height as set by the guidelines. 


#5. Customised Mats

One of the most versatile and surprising signages that work is a mat. Mats are not only good for maintaining your store’s safety and cleanliness, but they can also work as effective promotional or informational signages. 

You can use a mat to direct people towards your store, particularly when there is no opportunity to add hanging signage. You can also lead a customer to a product on sale using mats. Besides these, mats can help workers feel more comfortable through its ergonomic cushions. 



Use these five effective signages to make sure that you do not miss any potential customers. Before you finalise and print your signages, place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Be honest about what methods or styles work and what messaging or visuals are helpful. Having a business with consistent branding across all of its marketing materials, from the website to the store signages, will bring your business significant advantages.

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