Your Guide to Signages and Banners for Your Building


If you own a building, you want to make sure that everything looks professional, finished, and well-organised before inviting different tenants and guests in. This is why signages and banners are a crucial component of your building. But what are the essential details you need to be aware of? 

This guide will help you choose which specific kinds of signage and banners you need for your building to help you through the buying process. We will also discuss the planning and installation stage to integrate everything seamlessly into your space. Take the guide as an opportunity to add all the essential touches to your building and make it marketable and convenient for each visitor. 


Signage and Banners for Buildings: 

The following types of signage and banners are what you should take note of for your building. Consider the following as an investment in the functional integrity of your space: 

Outdoor signs 

The outside of your building needs to be enticing, have markers that are easy to understand, and look professional to guide your tenants and visitors inside. In doing so, you can distinguish your space from other buildings, making it convenient to locate and access. 

Outdoor signs are also avenues for you and your tenants to promote their business, which draws in more lucrative opportunities for you. For example, let’s say you have a tenant running a retail clothing store; they may want to find ways to engage their customers to buy during the sale season. 

Bold and bright custom banners installed outside your building will allow them to attract customers and get the word out that they are on sale. That way, your tenant remains happy, and you can gain a strong business following by simply being the building owner. 

Indoor signs

Indoor signs are ways for you, as the building owner, to provide clear guidelines and direction for your guests. They also help you and your building manager designate different areas in your building appropriately for your tenants’ and guests’ convenience, safety, and compliance.  

Important indoor signages like statutory braille signs, for instance, allow you to provide convenience, clear direction, and inclusive services for your tenants and their visitors. That way, you can maintain your good reputation, enabling you to rent out different spaces easily. 


Planning and Installation Tips for Building Signage

Now that you have some ideas about what signage and banners you need for your building, consider the following tips: 

Determine the kind of signage you need

Your building may need the same type of signage and banners as other buildings, but you may have a particular industry and tenant market that you are targeting. Consider these things when you determine what kind of building signage and banners you need. 

If you are unsure, check different buildings and take note of what you want for yours. You can also consult with a signage and banner provider and look into their online catalogue to have a better understanding of what you need. 

Prepare a signage placement map 

You want your space to be as organised and well-integrated as possible. Before installing any single signage or banner, draw out a placement map first and determine where you want each to go. 

Consult with a professional signage-and-banner supplier to also get valuable input and installation instructions, then have the appropriate tools ready to install everything easily in one go. 



Your building needs signage and banners to help personalise your space, organise everything, and enforce crucial guidelines for your tenants’ and other building visitors’ convenience and safety. Take note of the essential signage and banners you need, plan out their placement, and consult with a professional signage supplier today. 

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