How to Come up With an Effective Restaurant Sign - Our Guide


Restaurant owners looking to attract more customers should learn how to rely on the power of great signages to successfully lure the interests of people into giving your establishment a try. A sign that embodies both design and context has what it takes to improve your business.

You can try to incorporate the use of custom banners to uphold your restaurant’s brand or ask a professional to come up with a signage that successfully symbolises your food. Whatever the case, the goal is to improve your business and to convince more consumers to support you.

If you want to find out more tips on coming up with proper restaurant signages, keep reading below.


Figure Out Your Purpose

Before you jump right into designing a sign for your restaurant, you should first figure out its purpose. You could gain inspiration from other restaurants and observe their signages to determine if they’re using it right and attracting more clients.

You can take note of how they incorporate graphics to help you come up with a way to apply design to your restaurant signage differently later on. Some reasons to put up a sign include letting customers know what food you have without having to walk inside your restaurant or introducing your brand to the public.


Establish Your Message

After you develop a purpose for your restaurant sign, you need to gather your employees to help you ascertain whether the purpose of putting up a signage is valid and will work out. You also need to know if the message you’re trying to convey will work on potential customers. 

By putting up a sign, you can portray your restaurant’s message and target all kinds of people who happen to pass by your restaurant. Based on a customer’s needs, those who see your signage can decide to either take the bait or move on and look for another restaurant that can fulfil their cravings.


Find Your Format 

Signages come in different forms and styles. It will be up to you to decide whether you will incorporate the use of graphics, images, or texts, or learn to put them all together. If you want customers to relate to your sign, it may help to focus more on visual elements than putting up a sign made purely using text materials.

When people think of food, they want to imagine it so they can look forward to the taste of it. If you put up a sign that barely has any images, they won’t make much connection with what your restaurant has to offer because they have nothing to base their ideas on at all. 


Utilise Functional Design

Another way to make your restaurant signage pop is by combining function and form. If you’re having trouble keeping your signs standing due to the changes in the weather, you can consider using window clings to make your signs last longer. 

If you accommodate delivery, take-away, and catering options, you can also stick your restaurant signage on your delivery vehicles, so more people can catch a glimpse of your brand. That way, the probability of receiving more customers will increase.



Employing the use of signages can benefit your business and enhance the appeal of your restaurant. Just remember to figure out your purpose, establish your message, find the right format, and utilise functional design to help you come up with an effective restaurant signage.

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