6 Helpful Tips for Creating Business Signage That Draws Eyes


When it comes to promoting your business, branding is everything. The way you present your company shows what potential customers can expect from it. That’s why the words “what you see is what you get” is certainly true when it comes to business signage!  


Your Signage Is A Representation Of Your Business 

Finding the right type of marketing strategy for your business is the first step to take when you are starting out. One of the very crucial aspects that a business needs to decide upon early on is its signage. But why are a few words on a sign so important? 

The signage of a business can easily sum up the success of the marketing efforts of that company. Whether it be in the form of acrylic business signs, vinyl banners, or a lit outdoor sign, proper thought has to be given to the wording, the material, and the design of your signage. After all, it’s usually the first thing that potential customers see, giving it a key role in their decision as to whether or not to step inside the store.


6 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Business Signage

There are many different types of signage available for businesses to choose from. However, what may be right for one brand may not necessarily suit another. Choosing between window custom prints and other types of retail signs is not an easy feat. 

When you’re creating business signage, there are a few crucial steps that can mean the difference between a sign that draws people in and one that repels prospective customers. We’ve laid six of the most important tips out here for you today. Keep reading to find out more!


1 – Keep Your Brand in Mind

Many potential customers passing by are unaware of the products or services you can offer them. Creating a sign that draws high-quality leads will help these customers get acquainted with your business and even act as the first step towards influencing a sale.

2 – Choose a Theme that Resonates with Your Brand

The theme that you choose will highly depend on what your business is about. Choose a theme that resonates what your business stands for. Everything from the choice of colour to the font style should be considered. At the end of the day, you want to choose a theme that is eye-catching but worth a second look. 


3 – Remember Readability

It’s easy to create a sign that catches attention, but ensuring it remains readable and informative is equally important. Good signage must be easy to read and understand. This is so that people will know what your business can offer, even in just a glance! 


4 – Consider the Material of Choice

What material will your signage be made from? Consider this in the early phases of creating your design. Will lights be used? What type of material is best for an outdoor sign that will be exposed to the elements? Make sure to ask all of these questions to the sign maker and take their input into account when you decide on the material to be used. 

It is also important to consider what materials are durable, especially for signs that will be put outside. If you are just starting your new business, you won’t be doing your budget a favour if the signs are made with something that won’t last a week in the rain!


5 – Give Thought to the Location

Think about where you are going to place that sign. Is it going to hang on the wall inside your business or on top of the building to draw the eyes of people walking on the skywalk nearby? Where you will place your sign will play a role in what type of sign you are going to have. 


6 – Get Feedback

After putting hours into creating what you believe to be the perfect business signage, it can be difficult to hear someone say that it isn’t as beneficial as you think it is. However, it’s important to keep an open mind. Listen to the feedback of your friends, family, co-owners, employees, and even customers about the sign. Not all feedback has to be acted on, but if you receive similar comments from multiple people, it may be worth a thought!



Having good signage can often lead potential clients to take a second glance at your business and can also play a role in whether or not they walk through your door to buy something. With our six tips, you’ll be on your way to creating signage that draws attention to your brand and influences people to walk in!

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