5 Benefits of Using Vehicle Decals for Branding & Promotion


Decals have long been used and applied on different surfaces for various purposes. They are usually made of plastic, cloth, paper, or ceramic substrate with printed patterns or images that can be applied to surfaces with heat or water. They are decorative stickers typically used outdoors, whether you want to market your business, promote your products or services, or even convey a particular message.

But did you know that decals can also be attached to vehicles? For all you know, these vehicle signs can be used for your branding and promotion as it reaches a wider audience base. That said, here are five practical benefits of using vehicle decals for your business and marketing: 

1. A form of mobile advertising

Vehicles decorated with displayed decals can travel from one location to another, allowing you to advertise your business in various places. Your vehicle branding and promotion isn’t restricted to only one place and at a specific time. If you want your advertising to take your business to places, then vehicle signs can be your best bet. 

2 A broad range of audiences

As vehicle signs are a form of mobile advertising, this means that you can also reach out to a broad range of audiences. Individuals from all walks of life in various locations of the city or rural area will see them at some point. If the decals’ messages are powerful, they will easily grab your target market’s attention and resonate well with them. This will ultimately translate into many opportunities for your business, from brand awareness to lead generation down to sales conversion!

3. Customisation

What’s great about vehicle decals is that they can be customised to fit your branding and promotion. As mentioned, you can use a handful of materials for your marketing, whether plastic, cloth, paper, or ceramic substrate. You can also hire a professional graphic designer who can create visually pleasing designs and incorporate strong messaging. You can then print them in various shapes and sizes, as well as styles and designs. Overall, your decal options are unlimited!

4. Long display life

Another excellent benefit of using vehicle signs is that they have a long display life. Once installed on vehicles, they can last for as long as possible, even under various weather conditions. This means continuous branding and promotion for your business until the time you decide to have them removed! Ultimately, they are great marketing materials ideal for the long term.

5. Affordability

There’s nothing to worry about setting a budget for vehicle signs as these marketing materials are very much affordable. You just have to spend on the graphic designing and printing of your decals, which are relatively cheap these days. The money you will be spending is worth the branding and promotion you’ll have for your business, which is why vehicle decals are indeed a good investment for your business.



At this point, you now know why vehicle decals are beneficial to your business. As outlined above, you can take advantage of the following benefits—mobile advertising, a broad range of audiences, customisation, longer display life, and affordability. With all these valuable benefits, you have every good reason to invest in vehicle decals for your branding and promotion that will take your business up a notch!

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