How Floor Graphics Can Change the Game for Your Business


Traditional advertising has a wonderful ability to capture people’s attention. However, today’s highly visual digital world has made people more receptive to unique ads with attention-grabbing designs.

If you want to stick to the traditional methods, which are still highly effective, you will likely need to step up your game. And one creative medium you can explore to do just that is floor graphics. 


What Are Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics are printed adhesive decals meant to advertise a message, a direction, or a promotion. They are slip-resistant and highly durable materials designed to be walked on, even in high-traffic areas. They are unobtrusive yet high-impact, and they are always successful in capturing people’s attention. 


Why Use Floor Graphics

You can print any design and make them floor graphics. Your floor stickers can be printed in various shapes, sizes, and colours, depending on your branding and needs.

  • Effective promoting materials – Use them when you are promoting your products, services, or store. Print the words in an attention-grabbing size and point to your store’s location. Since the floor is one of the first things that people see when they walk, adding decorative direction markers leading to your store can drive people’s curiosity.


  • Can be used to give directions – You can use floor graphics as way-finding signs to point to a specific location. It is a useful feature in large areas like transit systems and malls. You can also use them for crowd control. Directing customers to where they should go, stand, and wait, or where they can make a payment will be useful in managing foot traffic.


  • Can be used as a decorative feature – Since you can print any style and design, you can also use floor graphics as an alternative and customised flooring option for your store. It is a durable yet affordable way to express your creativity.


  • Unique and attention-grabbing – Anything bold and colourful on the floor is hard to ignore, especially when you see someone else stop by to take a look. To ensure that your design can grab people’s attention, make sure to utilise a design that pops. Play with contrasting colours, and use creative fonts and shapes. Placing your floor stickers in unexpected places can also be effective.


  • Lets you explore your creativity – You can explore different designs based on your marketing goal. You can create humorous graphics to amaze your audience or intrigue them by placing optical illusions. Imagine seeing a huge hole on the floor or an elevator and realising that it is just a sticker. It will make you a memorable brand for the people who will see it. 


  • Saves space – Standees and posters eat up space. They can get in the way or restrict people’s movements. These are not problems with floor graphics. You can print big designs and not hinder any people from moving.


  • Saves money – Printed floor graphics are affordable. Moreover, you can stick them on your own, which will eliminate the cost of installation. Since they are highly durable materials, there is no need to maintain them regularly. They can withstand any climate and level of foot or vehicle traffic.



If you have never tried floor signages to advertise your business, it might be time that you consider their potential. Floor signages are a low-cost investment that can help your brand make a positive impact on your audience. All you need to do is to have the right concept and choose the right design to convey your message.

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