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Designing Outdoor Signage – 5 Tips to Attract More Customers

Designing Outdoor Signage - 5 Tips to Attract More Customers

Designing Outdoor Signage - 5 Tips to Attract More Customers


Your shopfront signage is one of the strongest and most prominent solutions to encourage brand awareness in your local community. Although the idea is quite simple, a signage entails more than just slapping on your business name and hoping for the best—it’s a form of art that can really market your business effectively.

There is power in outdoor signages when designed strategically. It can potentially attract new customers, raise brand awareness, and boost brand recall. Of course, there isn’t one general strategy that all businesses can use, as it varies on who you are as a brand.

So how do you create the best outdoor signage for your business? Let us share with you five tips you can use when designing your shopfront signage:

1. Define Your Brand’s Purpose

What does your business stand for? It is vital to know who you are as a brand because that will help in deciding all other things when it comes to promoting your business. 

List down what you can offer that sets you apart from everyone else—and let that be your guide when creating your outdoor signage!

2. Think About Your Target Audience

Who do you want to sell to? Research what your particular target audience is attracted to. Whether they are into memes, more straightforward messaging and images, or straight-up professionality, take all of those impressions in to create something tailored to what appeals to them.

Knowing your target audience well will help you communicate your business better through your outdoor signage.

3. Create a Colour Scheme

Did you know that colours can trigger different feelings for customers? That is why picking the perfect colour scheme is important for your business.

Ask yourself, what do you want your customers to feel when they look at your brand? Colours can send various impressions in one glimpse—be it youthfulness, professionality, or luxury—which is why it’s crucial to nail this aspect before you even start designing.

Your brand’s colours are part of your brand’s personality. You will want your customers and potential leads to subconsciously associate these colours—and their corresponding emotions—with your business.

4. Pick a Readable Font

Your signage will be all for nothing if you use a font that people can’t read nor understand!

Usually, brands create their own font to further establish their personality. Make sure you create a concise and clear font that passersby can easily read when they pass by your shopfront.

5. Make A Statement and An Image

What do you want potential customers to know? Whether it’s a promotion or just an overall view of your brand, it has to make an impact with one look.

From your brand’s purpose and your choice of colour and font, create an image that people can associate with your brand. Even without the name of your business, they should be able to instantly tell that it is from your brand! This goes for the statement you choose to write as well. Make it something that your target audience can relate to that will make them want to enter your shop and buy something.

Whether it is a simple printed sign or an acrylic business sign, as long as it connects with your audience, then you know you have made a good outdoor signage.



Outdoor signages aren’t just made and placed without a purpose. Before creating one, the brand goes through a process to carefully strategise how they can attract potential customers. Everything from the colour, the font, and what is written is all taken into consideration. As long as you know your brand’s purpose, then you will have a guide in making your outdoor sign!

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