Installing Your Aluminium Signs - What to Know


Although the age of digital technology has paved the way for moving advertisements, traditional means of advertising remain superior. Signs still play an important role in brick and mortar stores, for instance, aiding businesses in ensuring proper brand awareness and presence resonates for all passersby. 

In other words, it remains an extremely effective way to deliver messages, particularly across to a group of prospective customers. They also help customers find your spot, not to mention help them navigate through your spaces by showcasing directions. They’re used as solid advertising materials, as well as a simple means to express creativity.

One of the best on the market remains to be aluminium signs, which offer a rustic yet durable aesthetic to any store. Its versatility adds character to any space, making it a significant part of your business operations.

Regardless of your reason for use, installing aluminium signs can be quite tricky. They require a significant amount of effort, as well as tools necessary to ensure it remains hanging and safe for everyone in your store. It’s never as simple as merely pasting on posters, but proper care and installation mean you’ll gain incredible value for money. 

In an effort to help you mount your new aluminium signs, we’ve curated this simple guide for you to follow:


1 – Make use of the proper tools 

An aluminium sign may seem too heavy to use, but mounting onto your building or post can be doable. All you need to do is purchase screws and fasteners, just to ensure it remains sturdy throughout the years. 

Using double-sided tape is also recommended, provided that you place it on a flat surface, such as a wall or a door. Your key to success would be to use a smooth and clean surface, as the double-sided tape will only work to its maximum potential with a good surface area. Make sure that there are no air pockets as you pat it down!

Golden tip: Most signage companies can mount your aluminium signs for you, as they’ll likely have the right tools to help secure the sign to your desired area. 


2 – Utilise other structures 

Apart from using various tools, you can install your aluminium sign with the use of other structures. A wooden frame can help you keep it safe from the elements, for instance, and it also helps you hold the sign in place. You can also make use of boles and brackets available in your space, which can be the most cost-efficient installation process to choose from.


3 – Let it hang loose

If you wish to stray from the traditional means of installation, you can opt to have your aluminium signs hanging from the ceiling. You can make use of ceiling grid clips for an effect of a drop design, but you need to ensure that it doesn’t serve as a nuisance for your customers. Bear in mind that these signs can cause accidents, particularly in the head area. 

You can also let it hang on your window display glass with the use of suction cups, but your placement area should be strategic. It needs to be in a spot that cannot be accidentally compromised, as suction cups can easily fall off.


Work With the Best Sign Makers in Australia

While it’s important to invest in your digital presence, bear in mind that your brick and mortar store still requires proper designs, and that includes your choice of signs. One of the best remains to be aluminium signs, as they’re made from materials that can last for long periods. Installation can be rather tricky, however, but make sure to keep this handy guide in mind!

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