Tips in Designing Effective Vinyl Banners and Signs


Unlike other printed marketing materials, banners must be clearly defined, easy-to-read and viewable from a distance. Particular design elements need to be given emphasis to ensure that they will be effective in promoting the brand. But how do banners and signs become effective? Here are tips on ensuring your banners and signs send the right message.


Banner Placement

The first factor to consider is the placement of your banner. This is an important step before actually creating one. Determining the banner’s placement can help in choosing the colour scheme for the entire design. The colours to be used should be contrasting to the background where it will be placed.


Use Large Texts

Another factor to keep in mind when designing banners is that it is often different from creating marketing materials like flyers and leaflets. The main purpose of a banner is to get people’s attention from a distance. That is why you need to ensure that your banner content should be written in large and readable texts. If you did not consider this, no one would read the banner’s text from several meters away. 


Opt for Bold and Readable Fonts

Aside from the size of the texts you will use, you should also consider the font type and weight to be used. There are various fonts to choose from; however, choose the most readable ones. Typically, the Times New Roman and Bold Sans Serif fonts are preferred.


Provide a Simple Message 

Another highly important factor to remember when creating a custom banner is keeping the message or copy as simple as possible. Successful banners provide simple text and content–a few words, yet the message is understandable. The simpler the banner content is, the easier it is to communicate with the customers. Most people do not have much time to read paragraphs and long details since they are driving or just walking by. When designing an effective banner, ensure that you really take time on thinking about the copy first.


Put All the Necessary Details

Compile all the necessary information that should be included in the banner. Of course, this should depend on your goal. If you aim to improve your brand awareness, you should highlight the company’s name and logo. If you want to promote a new product and get more sales, make sure to include the product image and the contact details to inquire or order. In short, include only the essential details that will drive results.


Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics  

Since large vinyl banners’ common goal is to get attention (often from afar), you need to strive to draw the focus of passers-by who will see the advertisements. Aside from considering typography and sizing, you should also ensure using high-quality images and graphics. These will communicate emotion and reinforce the message without adding too many texts.



When designing vinyl banners and signs, it is crucial to keep your brand in mind. Make sure to be consistent with the colours, fonts, logos, images and other elements. It is not proper to use a colour that you think is attractive but does not fit with the existing brand.

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