3 Tips for Caring For Floor Graphics - A Guide for Businesses


Having floor graphics in your business premises is important since they serve many functions. They can help with branding, wayfinding, and safety measures. This is why you and your team should look into maintaining them and looking for solutions when they can no longer serve their intended purpose. For your guidance, use the following tips to ensure you can look after your floor graphics: 

1. Apply wax to avoid buffing 

Most high-quality floor graphics and stickers are often made of anti-skid laminate coating or matte masks to prevent them from fading away. Unfortunately, since they are often placed in areas with plenty of foot traffic, you can still expect buffing over time due to natural wearability. In effect, your customers and staff can easily get confused by the faded floor symbols, especially if they are meant to direct people towards something. 

As an effective solution to buffing, you can apply wax after you adhere the sticker into position. You need to use four wax layers or more, primarily if you use a floor polisher. But if you really don’t want to risk guesswork for waxing, identify with an experienced sign printer and decal supplier. Doing this ensures you can get your hands on the best buffing-resistant floor graphics and get well-informed advice to preserve them. 

2. Keep your graphics clean and dry 

Your business may like to be thorough when cleaning your establishment’s flooring since it can get easily dirty over time. You have to watch out when you get your floor graphics wet because they can gradually get ruined if you don’t dry them right away. Even some waterproof decals may fade if not dried. Because of this, most commercial cleaning staff would leave the stickers last to watch for water control while cleaning and avoid getting them soaked in liquids. 

Additionally, before waxing, it’s important to clean the graphics on your flooring to eliminate dirt, debris, footprint smudges, and other contaminants. Make sure you also use the appropriate cleaning products, like non-abrasive liquid soap and a damp cloth. With these cleaning methods, you can better maintain your graphics’ condition until you need to replace them. 

3. Replace worn-out features with high-quality replacements 

There will come a time when you need to replace your floor decals because they are no longer as vibrant and clear as they used to be. Your business may also switch up your branding, relocate to another store location, or reinvent your products. Whatever the reasons you need to remove them, change your floor graphics with replacements.

When changing your floor graphics, you should never place them over the old ones. You need to remove them because they will ruin the new stickers’ adhesive qualities. 

To take off the old graphic, rub it off carefully with a sharp object, such as a knife. You can also use a hair blowdryer to heat it up, allowing the adhesive to slowly lose its stickiness. The stickers should then be easier to remove, and you can simply wet and scrub the remains. Just ensure the surface is tidied up before placing the replacements.



Floor graphics need your utmost care as a valuable business asset. Think of this as a crucial part of general maintenance to preserve the great customer experience and maintain your staff’s productivity. Thus, remember all the previously mentioned tips and purchase cost-effective, top-quality products for your use from a reputable team like ours. 

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