Lucrative Retail Signages - Choose the Right Colour & Contrast


Companies get a lot of benefits from retail signages. However, many businesses don’t have them well-written, which makes them less effective. With that, it’s crucial you ensure your signages are easier to read. The colours and contrast are two essential factors to consider when it comes to retail signages. 



When choosing colours, a lot of factors go into this, such as: 

  • Consistency: Any colour choices used on signs must be consistent with the look and feel of the brand. 
  • Number of colours: Before you turn your retail signage into a colourful one, it’s essential you understand that the recommended number of colours is only up to two to a maximum of three. Going beyond this number can distract and confuse your customers. 
  • Background: The background is the space upon where words and images are placed. The overlap of the words on images in the background is where contrast becomes essential. 


Here are some colours you should consider exploring when planning your next retail signage: 

  • Red and Orange: If you’re looking for something that will stand out, red and orange are eye-catchers. They evoke feelings of creativity, youthfulness and enthusiasm, which could increase the energy levels of your customers. These colours give a sense of urgency, therefore, compelling customers to purchase immediately. Red and orange are often used in food, technology, agriculture and retail industries. 
  • Blue and Green: Do you want to relay feelings of calmness or a sense of dependency to your customers? Blue and green carry an emotional impact on customers, and they help establish trusting relationships with customers. You will often see these colours in various industries like environmental, pharmaceutical, social media and technology. 
  • Yellow: Bring a feeling of optimism, warmth and clarity with the colour yellow. This colour can create a fun and friendly environment that will encourage customers to have fun in your store. Yellow is used in the retail, food, construction and safety and environmental industries. 
  • Purple: Associated with royalty and wealth, it also suggests wisdom and luxury. Customers are attracted to this colour because they feel the product is rare and difficult to achieve. You will often find this colour used in search engines, finance and technology. 
  • White: Recognised as the colour of purity, innocence and clarity, white is used in companies that try to convey healthy hygiene and sanitation. It creates a contrast, which is perfect for highlighting elements on the signage. White is often used in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, household supplies or technology industries. 



Contrast is the visual difference between colours. When an object contrasts with what’s around it, it will be more visible. Generally, high contrast between colours on retail signage is most effective when it comes to readability. However, it’s possible to have the contrast too high, which is usually harsh to look at and may cause optical illusions. 

When it comes to retail signages, black and white are the strongest contrast. On the other hand, coloured text on a bright background can present a weak colour contrast, which means you should avoid this as much as possible. 

The best way to find the right level of contrast is to print a single sign in the proposed colour scheme and look at it. 



Your retail signage can bring you profits or not. As much as they’re effective, choosing the right colours and contrast will go a long way. With that, knowing what colours and contrast to use can help make your signage effective and bring you a high ROI. 

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