3 Ways You Can Use Floor Graphics to Design Your Floors


Over the years, many businesses have focused too much on their walls and ceilings when it comes to designing an environment that can quickly impress customers and visitors. But too few companies focus on another aspect of a room that is also vital: the floor. While many may argue that people barely ever look at the floor, the truth is that how it looks can massively affect how someone may feel about a specific room which, in this case, would be how a customer feels about your company.

As such, we highly recommend you design your floor in stunning ways using floor graphics! In this article, we will share the various ways you can use floor graphics to design your floors:


1. Share a big sale

Do you have a massive sale coming soon? Or are you planning to share about a huge promotion for your products or services? While you can definitely share the upcoming announcement on social media and set up banners on the wall, you can also use the floors to draw the attention of your crowd. For example, if you are having a sale on clothes, you can design the floor to point to the customers where the clothes are that are on sale. Of course, you can also use such graphics in other ways, such as drawing eyes to new products and more.


2. Direct the visitors

If you are building a new area or simply want to create a guide that people can easily follow, using directional signage on the floors can help massively. This is especially useful if you have a massive store and want to make sure people flow in one direction. Directional signages can also be used to ward off customers away from employee-only areas, ensuring that no mishaps occur when one accidentally stumbles into a place that is restricted to them.


3. Strengthen your intended message 

Whatever the message it is, such as a warning sign, you can use floor graphics to strengthen that message. For example, you can create floor graphics with alert signs to warn people that they shouldn’t be standing in a specific area. Apart from safety warnings, you can use floors for essentially any message. You can even use the floor graphics to strengthen your business values so that customers will be more willing to do business with you!



At this point, you now know several ways you can best utilise floor graphics to design your floors. If you still do not know what to do with your floors, just think of it as another wall! This will best in a room with limited space, where you should be using every inch of your floor possible to benefit your store! Remember, your creativity is the only limit, and whatever you want to do with the floors, go ahead and try it out! A floor without a graphic will merely look empty, and that’s wasted opportunities to win potential clients. So, make sure that customers and visitors will have something stunning to look at no matter where they walk to! 

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