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5 Design Ideas to Make Your Roll Up Banner Stand Out

Being an exhibitor at a trade show or a conference is an excellent way to promote your brand and even meet some of the industry players. What better way to advertise your product or service than bringing along a roll up banner or two?

Roll up or pull up banners are lightweight marketing materials that are effective in displaying your message and brand in big, eye-catching graphics. If you’re interested in having custom banners made for your business, here are a few design ideas you should go for.

Keep Your Logo at the Top

Visibility is key to making a roll up banner effective in terms of design. Use the top of the banner to display your logo and brand name. If possible, keep your main message at eye level. Since these stand up banners can be situated in crowded places, people will be able to see your brand and message easily among the sea of people. Any people walking past your booth can easily identify your company and your key idea 

Think Left to Right 

In any media format, consumers are more used to reading information from top to bottom and left to right in any media format. The same principle also applies to roll up banner design. Fill your banner with information going from left to right as you go to the bottom. Roll up banners have limited space, so make sure you only include the most relevant information on your ad. Your sales team can supply any additional information by giving out flyers, brochures, or just engaging potential customers by starting up a conversation.

Great Design Means Great Impact

Of course, what banner would be complete without a couple of stunning images and graphics? Make sure to use high-quality images in all of your banners. Just like a newspaper advert or business card, it’s vital that your design effectively gets your message across. If you’re utilising just a few words on the design, that means you need to put more effort into visual impact.  Banners with great visual impact can be easily seen from across any exhibition hall.

Consider Splitting Your Message to Separate Banners

If you want to get creative and have the budget for it, why not use multiple roll up banners to convey your message? A good example is using one main company banner to show your logo and main message, while a couple of complementary banners are laid out around it to showcase your products and services. This suite of banners gives a noticeable visual impact that will surely turn heads and make people curious to read about your company.

Use a Stunning Image

Every picture tells a story. A roll up banner with attention-grabbing text paired with a striking image that complements your brand is an excellent way to tell a story. Using professionally designed graphics and stunning images is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to roll up banner designs. Make sure the image you chose would translate great in a vertical format.


Roll up banners are a popular marketing tool for point of sales, displays, or functions. If you want to drive traffic to your website, generate more leads, and promote your company to potential customers, then these design tips will help you make a roll up banner that could achieve all that for you.

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