4 Tips to Create the Best Signage for Your Store


Given today’s consumerism culture, retail stores are now seen everywhere. When you own a store, you would want people to notice it. When people notice your store, they’re more likely to invest in your product, which generates profit. 

How exactly do you successfully garner their attention? It’s simple—with the help of a store sign! Your store sign’s job is to catch the attention of people. Aside from that, a sign should be a reflection of your business’ brand, so it must be visually enticing and adds a touch of personality to your store. 

If you don’t know how to create the best sign for your retail store, fret not. Many retail store owners also don’t know how to make the best sign in line with their store’s brand. To help you get it right, we listed a few tips to create the best signage for your business. Read on below.


#1: Make Concise Copy

A copy is a written material used to entice customers into purchasing your product. As such, a written copy can make or break your signage. If your store is located in a busy street, you only have seconds to influence potential customers who walk by. Since you need to get their attention, your copy should be easy to understand. You can choose creative language, but only as long as it can still be easily understood. 

Aside from making an easy-to-understand copy, your signage’s copy should also be readable. Even if you do have a good copy, keep in mind that it will be no good at all if your copy is hard to read. While signages can wear out over time, you can always retouch them with the materials that you used to make it in the first place.


#2: Give Them A Reason To Check Your Store Out

Signage is no good if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, which is to attract customers. For this, you need to give them a reason to take time out of their busy schedule to check your store out. 

If you sell food, for instance, you can put something like “delicious, affordable food available here!”. Your signage is essentially an advertisement that’s just put in your storefront—it speaks to customers, and it should say why they need to check your store out. 


#3: Make Your Signage Noticeable

If your store is located in a busy location, chances are you’re competing with other businesses in the area. You should avoid simple signage that uses maybe two or three colours and instead use a variety to make it more noticeable. 


#4: Use It For A Test Run

When all has been done, it’s time to put your newly-made signage to the test. Put it at your storefront and keep track of how many customers go in your store. To start, give yourself a customer count goal—a decent number like 50 to 70 customer visits in a day can suffice. 

If you’ve attracted a decent number of customers, you can either improve on your signage more or leave it as is for the time being. However, if you attract less than the desired count, you will need to work on your signage. Don’t worry about it, because it can be a matter of trial and error!



Creating signages can be a challenge, especially for start-up businesses. However, with the tips compiled above, you can create a sign for your store that’s sure to attract customers. Not only that, but your signage can also make your store known, even if customers don’t buy from you, which can generate a reputation for your business.

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