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Tips to Maintain Your Property Signage

Tips to Maintain Your Property Signage

Tips to Maintain Your Property Signage


Your property’s outdoor signage is your home’s advertisement and introduction to the world. It also helps turn prospective tenants as they drive by, read your signage, and become interested in your home. 

However, your signage could also do damage to your property. If it’s damaged or shabby, prospective tenants could get disappointed with the lack of attention and care and question your standards for maintenance. 

The good news is that there are ways you can maintain the quality of your signage and extend its life overall. That way, you’ll have sharp-looking property signage that draws attention to your property and turns passersby into prospective tenants.

Here are several ways you can care for your property signage, so they last for longer: 

1. Trim Trees Around Your Property

Trees can provide significant damage to your property signage, especially when combined with rain. Trees just above property signages can gather rainwater that slowly drops over the signage, ruining it. 

As rain travels off the tree’s branches and leaves, it carries dirt and pollen. When they end up on your signage, they can cause stains and residue. So, always trim your trees, so they don’t stand above your signage and cause damage to it,

2. Keep Sprinkler Heads Away

Water from your sprinkler system can also cause damage to your property signage. That is because water contains minerals that leave rust-coloured stains on your signage, affecting its appearance and material. 

To stop that from happening, point sprinkler heads away from your signage and ensure that water doesn’t reach it. Also, place your signage in an area that your lawn sprinkler system cannot reach.

3. Use Rust-Proof Screws

To prevent damage, only use rust-proof screws for post-mounted and wall-mounted property signage. When you use regular screws, they can develop rust over time as rainwater drips down on the signs. That can leave unsightly stains and residue that builds up very quickly. 

For easy prevention, only use rust-proof screws so even if rainwater drips on it and onto the signage, no stains will develop.

4. Use Screw Caps 

To give your property signage a safer and sleeker look, use screw caps that hide the screws and take the attention away from its unsightliness. Screw caps also make your signage harder to move, so it also serves as a preventative measure against vandals and thieves looking to remove your signs. 

Screw caps are also inviting to prospective tenants as it hints for a modern and clean finish. That should be a boost for your property as it gives people a peek into your own style. 



Keeping your property signage neat and undamaged is an indication of the care and attention that you’ve poured into your property. Quality signage also gives people a sneak peek into your style and design, boosting your property’s appeal to prospective tenants.

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