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3 Tips to Maximise Your Investment on Acrylic Signages

3 Tips to Maximise Your Investment on Acrylic Signages

3 Tips to Maximise Your Investment on Acrylic Signages


Acrylic is a common material used in interior and exterior signages. It is also an affordable signage solution that offers excellent quality for its price! Pair that with the fact that they are incredibly lightweight, easy to install, entirely customizable, look professional, and can be easily illuminated, they are some of the most common types of signs used today.  

That being said, if you do not have much experience working with acrylic signs, you might be wondering what you need to know to ensure you maximise your investment in acrylic signs. Here’s what you need to know to do exactly that:


1. Paint the Sign Correctly

There is indeed a wrong way to paint acrylic signs. Acrylic itself is a smooth, glass-like material, and if using the wrong painting technique, the colours will quickly wash off and disappear. As such, using special tools like an atomizer gun to colour the acrylic sheet is a must to ensure the colour stays on the sign. Another way to get paint onto the sheet is to use coloured vinyl. This way, the acrylic sheet acts as the base where the vinyl is applied, giving the sign its look.

Despite now knowing how to paint your acrylic signs, we generally recommend that you reach out to professionals to do the painting. They know the right techniques to ensure the sign is painted professionally and consistently, resulting in a high-quality finish you can be proud of.


2. Install the Sign Properly

Although an acrylic sign is relatively simple to install, it should still be installed with utmost care. The wrong mistake can easily cause the acrylic to crack and break, ruining the entire sign. Also, you will need at least two individuals helping each other install the sign for safety reasons.

When it comes to installing the acrylic sign, the most popular way is to mount it using stand-off bolts. This gives the acrylic that floating feeling that makes it pop out from its background.


3. Choose the Right Thickness

When picking a sign to be used, one of the biggest concerns to keep in mind is the thickness. Generally, the thicker it is, the stronger it is. However, this also comes with extra weight, so finding the balance of the strength you need versus the weight you can work with is vital.

Generally, a good rule of thumb to follow is to pick a sign between the 3mm and 6mm thickness. The larger 6mm-thick signs can be used as an outdoor sign due to their added strength, while the 3mm-thick signs can be used indoors.



By following the tips above, you will be able to pick and choose the right acrylic sign for your business. That said, we highly recommend that you reach out to a professional provider for acrylic signages should you need any. Not only will they be able to provide high-quality acrylic signs that you can rely on to last for many years to come, but they can also provide the service to get them designed just how you envisioned them to be. With an expert to help you out, your signs will be nothing short of remarkable, allowing you to achieve the goals you have set to achieve with your signages.

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