Fonts You Should and Should Not Be Using for Signages


Are you trying to pick the right font for your signage? It can be quite a lot more complicated than you realize. The wrong font can easily cause your signage to be hard to read and understand, especially at a distance. To make things worse, the wrong font can also help your signage stand out from the crowd, but all for the wrong reasons. That said, no one font works for every business. Different companies can get away with different fonts, and that’s because they have something about themselves that makes them unique.

So, how exactly do you pick the right font for your business? Well, one way to do so is to consider fonts that are generally best for signages and also be wary of fonts that are a big no to businesses:

Today, we’ll talk about the fonts you should and should not pick for your signages:


Excellent Fonts for Signages

There are a handful of good fonts you can consider using for your signages, one of the first being Century Gothic.

The reason Century Gothic is great is that it is easy to read even at a distance. Because of this, many signages use Century Gothic. Its design also makes it light and open, offering a balanced, modern, and professional look.

Another font you can consider using for your signages is Garamond. Garamond is generally used for smaller signages, as the text is easy to read even when it’s small. This is perfect if you have a lot to write for your signages as it keeps everything neat.

Finally, a good font to consider using is Gotham. Gotham is a font based on Futura, which is also another good font to pick, both of which are simple yet sleek and attention-grabbing. If you are looking for a font that screams clear messaging, Gotham is a great pick.


Terrible Fonts for Signages

While there are good fonts to use for your signs, there are also terrible fonts you must avoid at all costs. 

If there is one font everyone will tell you to avoid using for any business-related purposes, it would be Comic Sans. It might sound harsh to call it the epitome of fonts to avoid, but really, it is just that bad. It is seen as the least professional font out there, and while it is quite easy to read, it carries a bad reputation you do not want to associate your business with.

Another font you should be mostly avoiding for your signages is Arial. This font is quite popular for things like books and websites, but unfortunately, this is its downfall. Arial is so popular to the point that you will have a challenging time standing out. Keep in mind that it is still great in different settings because of its legibility, so you can still use Arial in certain cases.

Finally, a font that you must avoid is Brush Script. Not only is this font hard to reach, but it doesn’t fit well with any other font. You’re far better off picking other fonts that are easy to read and still look nice when next to other fonts. This is because, more often than not, you’ll be using multiple fonts for your signages.



As you might be able to tell, some of the “terrible” fonts can still be used for certain purposes. The only reason it has made it to the list is that there are just way better fonts out there to be used. For instance, rather than using Brush Script, you can use Gotham! Of course, what works specifically for your company can differ significantly from other companies. If you are still unsure what will work for your company, stick to the fonts that are tried and tested to work well. From there, you can delve into the slightly wilder fonts. Just be sure to test them first before committing to any font!

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