How to Choose the Right Lettering for Your Truck & Vehicle


Truck and vehicle lettering is far from a new trend in the commercial industry, but it continues to grow in popularity among small business owners. It can make a big difference when customers see your service name on the road, but it can also take quite a bit of preparation to get right.

Applying vehicle lettering may seem like a very rudimentary process. It’s easy to assume that anyone can do it, but it’s not really as easy as it looks. The first step here is to choose the right lettering. So, how do you do it? 

Choose Big

For the lettering, always prefer a huge font size. Remember, the idea here is to be seen easily, so go as big as you can, but not too big that it might need a person to be a couple of miles away to be able to read what it says clearly. As much as possible, the letters must be between three and five inches in height. 

Use the Right Colours

When choosing a colour, you don’t go for the one that catches your eye—you need to pick one that will resonate with your brand and stand out. Keep in mind that the lettering must be set in contrast with the colour of the vehicle to make it more noticeable. 

Choose colours that contrast with your vehicle. On the other hand, if you apply it to your window, use white lettering because it reflects sunlight. 

Stay Simple

Your vehicle’s lettering must be simple, with five words or less. Only add vital information, such as your website and contact number, after the slogan. 

Speaking of slogans, keep it short and sweet. Stick to minimal details that passersby can read easily. The less details there are, the easier it is for people to remember your message. 

Aim for Attention

If there’s one thing that it’s totally fine to aim for attention, it’s in truck and vehicle lettering. Outline the lettering and have a simple design underneath it. You can also consider reflective lettering to make it more eye-catching and visible at night. 



Now that we have discussed these tips, how do you apply the lettering to your truck or vehicle? 

  • Create your dish soap solution: Add 2-3 drops of dish soap to a cup of water. 
  • Mark the lettering: Hold the lettering in place on the truck or vehicle. Mark the frame of the area using masking tape. 
  • Apply the solution: The whole area where the lettering will be must be wet enough with the dish soap solution. 
  • Apply the lettering: Remove the backing from the lettering, place it on the marked area, and apply it. 


Make Your Vehicle Stand Out on the Road

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the primary purpose of truck lettering is to make your vehicle stand out. Whether you’re trying to get customers to remember your name or want to run promotional services during your time on the road, there are many ways in which these decals can be used for business purposes.

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