Why Experienced Real Estate Agents Choose Corflute Signs


Corflute signs are an excellent signage option for all types of companies looking for something lightweight, yet durable. Their specific characteristics make them particularly appealing to real estate brokers—and it’s no surprise why! Real estate agents are in charge of displaying, selling, and purchasing properties across a particular geographic area or market. Typically, a real estate agent deals with several properties in a variety of different locations, and corflute signs can help them advertise each one.

Realtors are continuously on the go to keep up with demand, traveling from office to property for meetings, showings, closings, and open house events, among other activities. The real estate agent needs signage that is compatible with their mobile work style. A corflute sign, which is medium in size, lightweight, and very portable, is the perfect signage option for real estate agents and brokers. Corflute signs are constructed of corrugated plastic, which produces a virtually weightless material yet is very durable. In today’s world, when everyone is always on the go, real estate agents may easily carry their signage along for the journey.

Here are some reasons experienced real estate companies rely on corflute signs:


Various Styles to Choose From

Real estate agents usually require a vast number of different sign designs. They have mainly been used for advertising available properties for sale and rental houses and apartment buildings to potential tenants. When a home is sold or when an offer is placed on it, a corflute ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’ sign may be removed from the property. Your corflute signs may change as fast as the real estate market, which means they should as well. After that, you may hang a corflute ‘Sold’ sign on the property.

In addition to particular real estate signage, the agent may need signs stating that a property will be available for viewing during a specific period. It is possible to put these signs on the open property itself and on neighboring streets to guide prospective purchasers. The corflute signage may be put up for a short period and then taken down after the open house is over.


Unbeatable Value

Corflute signs are lightweight and portable, but these characteristics do not rule out the possibility of incorporating stunning designs. We can design an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind sign that is both eye-catching and professional in appearance for a real estate agent. We put on the sign all of the necessary information for contacting the agent and a photograph of the agent if that is what you want.

Corflute signs, with their mobility, robustness, and excellent quality, are the best option for a real estate agent looking for signage solutions. The signs are so successful at boosting your company’s revenue that they will more than pay for themselves many times over. Not only are the signs fantastic, but the materials used to construct them are inexpensive, making them very cheap.


Easily Accessible Materials

Corflute is a low-cost material that is simple to print on and is excellent for use in outdoor real estate marketing campaigns, such as yard signs. By learning more about the various characteristics of this material, you may conclude that it is a superior choice for outdoor signage compared to metal and other materials. 

Think about where you want to put your corflute signs and what you want them to accomplish before placing your purchase. That will assist you in determining the appropriate size and shape for each sign and the information that should be put on each sign. The majority of real estate agents will benefit from having numerous signs prepared for regular usage as well as unique signs that are suitable for one-time use in their marketing arsenal.


Simple Installation and Upkeep

Because corflute is so lightweight, it can be placed and removed with relative ease and with little effort. It is simple to attach it to virtually any flat surface with velcro, screws, nails, or even sticky tape. As an alternative, you may have your sign printed with metal eyelets in the corners, which will enable you to connect it to a fence or other existing structure, or you can build a sign out of a metal bar or piece of wood and some cable ties, which will allow you to put it straight into the ground.


Final Thoughts

Real estate signs serve an essential function in informing passerby that a property is for sale. When a home is on the market, real estate signs may alert potential buyers and offer essential information about the home and the property, such as the square footage or the number of bedrooms.

If you are looking for the best corflute signs supplier in your area, All Signs Online can provide you with durable and lost-lasting standing signage to help you sell houses! Either you have your design or allow us to create something for you; we’ve got you covered! Check out our most requested signages!