How Brands Become Recognisable with Custom Printed Stickers


When you buy something, chances are it’s in proper packaging, like a box or a decorated container. Brands often use packaging to establish brand awareness because it’s essentially an extension of brand identity. Usually, designs of product packaging are often printed and bear the brand logo. However, businesses are now coming up with other creative packaging methods, such as custom printed stickers.

The reason why custom printed stickers are a hit with customers is the option of personalisation. Aside from establishing brand identity, custom printed stickers can also act as promotional material. In other words, a brand will only be successful if there’s something special about it that thinks about the customers.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about how custom printed stickers can make brands more recognisable. Read on below to learn more.


Stickers to Advertise Businesses

Marketing involves creating brand awareness through creative means. It used to be an arduous task because most methods involved commercials (both on radio and tv), putting up posters, and even going door-to-door. It’s easier today because digital marketing is the current trend, and methods include email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

If you own a business but you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for your business to grow and increase your sales and customer base. Social media is a powerful marketing tool because anyone who sees your business online can be loyal to your business, even if they’re not buying anything.

Customised merchandise, such as stickers and packaging, can be posted on your business’s social media account. The more appealing they look, the more people will see your business as attractive. 

For an extra measure, you can maybe post videos of how stickers are added to the packaging. If your audience sees behind-the-scenes work, they’ll be more interested in your business.


Making Custom Stickers

Making customised stickers is always a good idea. However, you need to know your goals regarding using them. Are the stickers going to be limited edition, or are they permanently available? Would you be offering different versions of stickers, or will it all be the same? 

On top of that, there’s also the matter of hiring a graphic designer if you have no background in design. The sticker printing itself is also something you should settle because chances are you won’t be able to achieve the quality that you want for your stickers on your own, so you’ll need to reach out to a printing company.


Things to Consider When Making Stickers

Since the stickers are made for your business, you can’t just make them up as you go. Consider the following:

1. Your Target Audience

Since the stickers will be used to promote your business, you must create them in a way that’s tailored to your target audience. That means using visuals relevant to your business, such as your brand’s logo or other icons relating to your products.

2. The Right Colors

Similar to making stickers tailored to your target audience. You should also use the right colours. If your business uses specific colours as part of its branding, then you already have that covered. Alternatively, you can also take it a step further by designing all-new stickers with different colours that complement or contrast each other in a good way.



Using custom printed stickers is an excellent marketing strategy because it helps create brand identity and awareness. It’s recommended for you to do the same for your business if you want to see steady growth and receive a loyal customer base.

Stickers will also work as store signs that can be placed on walls that passers-by can see, making them an effective in-person marketing tool. If you’re looking for wall prints in Sydney, All Signs Online has got your back! We offer various choices that will serve any store well, such as acrylic outdoor signs, large format stickers, and floor graphics. Contact us today to learn more!