3 Ways Window Decals can Boost Engagement For Your Store


In a digitised time when different businesses rely on online marketing solutions to grow their brand and reach more audiences, it seems like utilising traditional marketing tools as window custom decals seem like an outdated strategy. After all, why would your brick-and-mortar store need to revert to prints when the internet offers different avenues to attract customers? 

Potential customers don’t always look at their phones when they’re out and about, so how else would your store stand out from the busy crowd without any visually striking signages to make your business look welcoming? Throwing print signages to your marketing mix offers the best of both worlds, allowing your business to drive attention to your store online and offline! 


What Makes Print Window Decals a Powerful Marketing Tool Today? 

Benefit #1: Cost-Effective Way to Increase Brand Awareness

You don’t need to break the bank to set up a billboard or shoot a viral-worthy video to boost your store’s brand awareness. While investing in those marketing channels can definitely help put you under the spotlight, a window decal is an affordable alternative that can invite more curious eyes to check your store out. 

The impact of window decals may be greatly overlooked, but it’s a bang for the buck way to attract potential customers and promote your store. Window decals can also increase your brand recognition, which means more customers from your local community will grow to acknowledge your business’ value. 


Benefit #2: Window Decals are Removable and Easy to Replace 

Your graphics will need to reflect your brand message, which may change depending on your current marketing initiatives and the season’s mood. Fortunately, replacing window decals is easy compared to other marketing tools, so your decals can always stay up-to-date no matter what you’re promoting on your storefront—be it for seasonal promos, announcements, or new designs to help build more buzz for your shop. 


Benefit #3: Encourage Variety 

Changing your store’s looks by switching up its window decals can give your customers a sense that you’re offering something new to the table, which can spark their curiosity and get them in the right mood to explore what your store has to offer. In that regard, window decals can be a flexible tool that can make your overall marketing strategy more dynamic. 


The Bottom Line: How Window Decals Stay Just as Relevant in Today’s Digitally-Driven Era

Don’t be the kind of store that is easy to overlook on a busy street. The right window graphics can do wonders for making your store look exciting and engaging; that’s why don’t skimp out on print marketing’s potential to help your business flourish. 


Are You Looking for a Printing Company for Your Window Decals? 

Knowing when to leverage print marketing potential can put your business ahead of the competition. While digital solutions are key to succeeding in this internet age, window custom prints, vinyl banners, roll-up banners, stand-up banners, and more still play a pivotal role in boosting your marketing efforts. 

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