A Guide on Positioning Your Outdoor Signs and Getting Seen


Successful businesses understand the value of signage. They not only know what to put on a company sign, but they also know where to position the signs once they have been constructed. Even if you have the most well-designed, aesthetically attractive signage ever created, if consumers can’t see them, you won’t be able to make any sales or pull any clients into your shop as a result of them.


How to Make Use of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage is most effective when utilised to catch clients’ attention from a distance. These signs are frequently used to introduce consumers to a business, making them essential for establishing brand recognition and attracting new clients.

Outdoor signage, like interior ones, can promote your latest bargains or items. However, the signs will have a somewhat different function. When buyers see a sign at a store promoting the latest product, it is intended to persuade them to change their purchasing decision. When someone sees the same thing on an outside sign, the emphasis will be on piquing the customer’s attention enough for them to come to the business.


Where Should Outdoor Signs Be Placed?

The most significant spots for an outdoor sign to catch consumer attention are in a parking lot or at a business’s entrance. You may also place a sign pole in front of your shop to display them. You may have seen them at restaurants or stores with narrow entrances.

Other beautiful areas to fill your outside sign with information are over your business’s driveway or at the busiest crossroads in your city. Of course, exterior signs will always perform better if large enough for people to see them easily. As a result, having a large printed sign or an electronic sign is an excellent approach to ensure that your sign is noticed.


Outdoor Signage Tips

If you decide to put up an outdoor sign, you should be aware of the best procedures for doing so. Outdoor business signage, when used appropriately, may tremendously benefit your organisation by increasing sales, contacting people in the real world, and minimising lost business. The following pointers are vital for anybody looking to supplement their advertising efforts with effective outside business signs:


1. Branding and Signage Design

When creating any design, whether inside or outside, you’ll want it to compliment your brand and provide a consistent picture to customers. Even if you choose the ideal location for your sign, customers may disregard it if the design isn’t eye-catching. You should invest work into making your signage appealing to clients and consistent with your entire brand, just as you would with any other material that advertises your firm, such as a business card, website, or online ad.


2. Illumination

If you want your business to be noticed, then you need to ensure your signs are evident in the darkness. Install spotlights, use LED displays, or make sure the ink used for your sign is reflective so that it will be visible at night. No business can afford to risk losing potential customers to a competitor that can put up an illuminated sign.


3. Advertising Technology

The introduction of advanced advertising technology, such as electronic billboards, has allowed businesses to find a better way to reach customers. As opposed to being dependent on the weather and other factors that can affect your outdoor sign’s visibility, electronic signs are able to be displayed even when it’s raining, foggy, or another weather condition that would otherwise cause a physical outdoor display to be useless.


4. Size

As much as you would like to believe that you don’t need to worry about the size of your outdoor sign, it’s a factor you can’t ignore. Since there are likely to be other business signs nearby, it’s a good idea to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to make sure your sign is large enough that customers can read it without straining.



Businesses do more business by drawing in new customers through effective signage. However, your efforts to get the word out can be stifled if you place your signs in the wrong areas. Understanding the most effective place to put your business sign is the key to success.

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