7 Common Ways to Utilise Graphic Floor Decal Signs


Signages have a great reputation for being pretty versatile and functional in various ways. They’re also known for being on top of establishments or in front of many shops, but these graphics can even go on the grounds of a location in the form of a floor decal.

While it might seem like floor decals would be tougher to place and offer minimal use, they are still as versatile and functional. Here are a few common ways of how these graphic signs for the flooring are utilised:


1) Mall Advertisements

Standard shop fronts can be frustrating. They are often pre-defined so that the establishment can’t have much of a unique identity. With this in mind, shopping centres have begun using high-quality floor decals that provide appeal to the entire mall by promoting different shops and deals in various areas.


2) Direction Stickers

Have you ever visited a place with signs that looked like a combination of arrows, squiggles and dots? Those are direction stickers and are very important in directing people. If you’re lost and need help, simply check the floor and see how to succeed in getting where you should be going in that location.


3) Parking Signs

Parking is one of the more annoying experiences, especially if you don’t know the area very well. It’s also pretty confusing with all of the parking signs that may look like. Floor decals can be used to alert you where you can park, how long it is permitted to park there, and what type of parking to utilise. It also distinguishes different slots from one another.


4) Warehouse Warnings

Floor decals can also be placed on the floor to warn you about what might be present on the ground. If you’re in a warehouse, you might notice all the tons and tons of boxes, pallets and more. To help you avoid these, these floor signs outline where they are placed and what they contain so that you can exercise caution when navigating the space.


5) Step-by-Step Guides

There could be times and places where you want to create a guide or procedure for how to get somewhere or what to do. Floor decals can be used to make these instructions easy to read and follow. You can also use it to contain different steps for doing something individually, such as how to change a car tyre or check out of the grocery store.


6) Event Welcomes

Floor decals can act as a wonderful welcome sign for any event. They can also indicate certain details of the event, such as the name of the gathering and highlights of the program. These can be seen for concerts and conventions but can also be put along pathways to help direct people or to set a certain atmosphere for the occasion.


7) Restricted Areas

Floor decals can also be used to mark out restricted areas. These are especially helpful in locations where you might be prohibited from being somewhere, such as at work or in school. Setting these boundaries explicitly with graphic stickers is especially useful for seeing and knowing which areas to avoid when moving throughout the location.



Floor decals can be used in all sorts of wonderful ways, especially considering they are very versatile in how they’re customised and where they can be placed. There’s no doubt that you can think of other methods to use floor decals.

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