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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Change Their Company Logos  

Change is constant in everything—including small businesses. One of the indicators of a successful business is change, be it in their branding or approach to the system they use to navigate the market. However, one of the most common changes occurring in business today is the change in company logos. Top brands like McDonald’s and Nike turned graphic logos into iconic trademark pictures to signify change. But for small businesses, what does a difference in the company logo mean? Here are some ideas.


  1. Social Media Adjustments


One of the most common reasons a business changes its logo is due to the significant influence that social media has in today’s society. Consumers aren’t just purchasing products, but they are also following brands and advertising through multiple outlets.


Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are popular channels businesses use to connect with their target audience. A small business may need to make changes to its logo to maximise the functions on social media platforms. It can be in the form of an essential colour change, or it can be a complete overhaul of the logo on a social media platform.


  1. Business Growth


The key to any small business is expanding its clientele and increasing its sales. One of the most effective ways to get more business is changing the logo and website design. It creates a perception of change and novelty, which can instantly attract more business.


The logo is usually the first thing a customer sees, and if it’s not flashy enough, it might be turned off before reading any further. Business owners use this to their advantage by creating an eye-catching logo that grabs the attention of potential customers. A well-designed logo can mean the difference between having a successful business and failing.


  1. New Product, Service, or Feature Added


Another reason to change a business logo is to signify a new product, service, or feature. For example, if a company adds a new product to their line and wants to emphasise it above everything else, it can change its logo to highlight the new product. It is a great marketing strategy for small businesses because it makes the new product stand out and can be used in marketing and advertising.


  1. Company Repositioning


Small businesses can change their logo to signal a new direction in the market. For example, small companies usually pivot to become niche when the economy gets bad. It means that small businesses focus on a particular product or service that would appeal to a small market section. It might mean unique or smaller packages or a complete brand change.


Changing a company’s logo to signal a repositioning is also a great way to give a business a fresh new start. It means that the company will focus on a new product or service and wants to establish a brand that will be the leader in that market. The logo is the first indication of that change and can be the catalyst for a business to succeed or fail.


  1. Simplifying Complicated Logos


Sometimes, a business may have a logo that is so complicated and detailed that it is hard for a consumer to understand immediately. It may mean that the company is struggling to get clients and that its logo is too high maintenance to attract them.


Companies may require a logo redesign to make it more simple and clean. It would also make the logo much easier to understand. It could mean that the company’s product or service has gotten too complicated, which is confusing to customers.




After a business is established, it’s essential to redesign the logo to reflect the changes that must and will occur. Small businesses need to realise that the best way to attract customers is through the logo. It will be the first thing the customer sees and the first step to gaining their trust. A professional logo design can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business.


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