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Using Corflute Signs to Promote Your Home for Sale

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Selling a house in Australia today is a difficult job. You need to pick up the successful marketers’ tactics to market your house. The use of Corflute signs and other marketing techniques is one of them.

One of a real estate agent’s most noticeable promotional techniques is a corflute sign. It is built of corrugated polypropylene, a plastic that is both light and durable. It has moderate outdoor longevity as a result. 

This style of signage is popular with agents because of its design and features. 

In the sections below, learn about the advantages of using corflute signs as your home selling promotional materials.

Recognising Corflute Signs’ Advantages

Corflute signages are durable and weatherproof. Corflute signage can take the spotlight when posters and pamphlets are useless during the wet season. 

Their superior plastic eliminates the need to be concerned about rain and moisture. Even if they are installed in the blazing sun, their materials can retain the ink.

Installing corflute signs is simple because these materials for signs are portable and adaptable. Simply instal it near your home, and you can leave it there for a while.

They are affordable. The cost of this sort of signage is less than half that of aluminium and colorbond signage. You can order a lot of copies because they are less expensive to make the property you are selling stand out.

These signage materials can be altered and customised in terms of size and shape and are lightweight. This functionality allows you to modify the form of the object to fit any place.

They have various applications. Because they are flexible and customisable, you may use them for a variety of purposes in addition to advertising real estate, including traffic control, security warnings, hazard warnings, and many more.

Designing a Corflute Sign

While you may purchase pre-made, generic corflute signage, making personalised ones that meet your demands will increase the marketability of your home. 

You should first create a visually appealing design for this form of advertising before heading to a signage printer. 

Even though you can employ a designer for your signage, you still need to be able to craft them so that they reflect your own preferences. Here are some suggestions for creating marketing tools that can increase the potency of your marketing collateral.

Use legible typefaces and bright, clear visuals. Photos on signs attract more attention than those without.

Make sure your signage has clear, easy-to-read writing for maximum effectiveness. You may select a sans serif font and one typeface. 

Additionally, make sure they are large enough to be read from 100 metres away. Keep in mind that you will probably use them outside. Make sure the text is visible to folks who are far away.

Pick a convenient location. Make sure that their position can easily be seen by onlookers. 

Installing them in shady or secret locations is not recommended. People should be able to notice signs, so they shouldn’t be hidden.

Your home may become more marketable with corflute signs. To ensure quality, just be sure to use a reliable printer.


Working with an experienced marketer may dispel some of your concerns about selling your home. Corflute signs are one of the various marketing strategies you may use to promote the sale of your home.

A Corflute sign can be a useful marketing tool for spreading the word about your company to potential house buyers. Compared to other marketing strategies, they are typically simpler to administer. 

They are less expensive, simpler to put up, and require less upkeep. They are also a fantastic technique to generate interest in your house.

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