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4 Ways a Graphic Designer Helps You Create Better Branding – What to Know

4 Ways a Graphic Designer Helps You Create Better Branding - What to Know

4 Ways a Graphic Designer Helps You Create Better Branding - What to Know


Small business owners do it all; they are the executives, the salespersons, and the creatives of their company. This means they’re constantly switching between functions and may be heavily reliant on time-saving processes and apps. Many SME owners are adept at making their own promotional materials; flyers, custom banners, websites—name it, they’ve probably designed it.

With the proliferation of desktop publishing programs, it’s easy for anyone to learn the basics of producing quality advertisements and company materials. This is why some people hesitate to hire professional graphic designers. If you’re a small business owner, though, you’ll greatly benefit from having professionally-made marketing materials. Here are some reasons why.


1. Hiring a designer is efficient

Marketing is a time-intensive activity, and you as the owner might not have enough hours in the day to devote to it. This does not just involve coming up with a couple of advertisements to show on social media, or two posts announcing your new offerings. There is a whole ecosystem involved in getting the word out about a brand; there are people who create videos and images, others who write the copy, and still others who handle the client-based aspect of marketing.

If you hire a graphic designer, that’s one step taken care of in your marketing plans. A designer will work with you so your concept for the business is executed flawlessly; since this is their specialisation, they are already adept at the tools and skills needed. Commissioning a designer for a website is cheaper and quicker in the long run than if you try to learn how to do it yourself.


2. They can help you differentiate your business

A business with plenty of competition in an area would need to prove that they are a better choice. If you’re a barber in a medium-sized city, for example, you need to make your business stand out among the dozens of other barbershops in your community. If you make a corflute or PVC sign online using royalty-free photos and free software, you won’t get the quality outcome you want.

Designers are skilled at coming up with original art or photography. They can make unique sets of materials for your website and advertisements, which will show your prospective customers that you are not a run-of-the-mill establishment.


3. Designers can help with your consistency

For a business to last long, it must convey trustworthiness and stability to their customers. These, among other traits, will keep people returning. If your business frequently changes its logo, palette, and messaging, it gives the impression that your company is not professional.

Hiring a designer helps you nail a consistent message and look. They know how to watch for little things like font types and kinds, alignment of page elements, and even the colours of the pictures you use. Consistency in your online and offline publicity materials will show customers that you are a company that has everything together and is determined to make a mark.


4. You have a fresh set of eyes

Generally, graphic designers get into the trade because they appreciate creative work. They like conceptualising how an artwork will come out, and how to incorporate it in an ad or a commercial piece. They can fit their art style to produce materials that fit your brand personality.

They are also more objective, at least when it comes to your brand. They can help you see what is wrong about your logo or website, especially if you’ve been using it for a long time and can’t figure out why it isn’t getting traffic or more customers.



Hiring a designer helps a small business owner focus on matters beyond the proper sizing of their custom banners or the photos they need to use on their website. Professionally-designed materials will certainly make a lasting impression in your customers’ minds, and make you their top choice for when they need your product or service.

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