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4 Practical Tips on How to Maintain Your Magnetic Signs – Our Guide

4 Practical Tips on How to Maintain Your Magnetic Signs - Our Guide

4 Practical Tips on How to Maintain Your Magnetic Signs - Our Guide


Magnetic signs are flexible and lightweight materials with a magnetic back and a decorated front that is designed for various purposes. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be used as a decoration or for promotion. Businesses typically use magnetic signs as a form of removable mobile advertising, usually putting them on their company vehicles.

Although they are eye-catching and creative ways to advertise your product or service, they will lose their beauty without regular care. This is why they require maintenance to extend their function and beauty, similar to other signs and banners.

In this article, we will share four practical tips to care for your magnetic signs and the surfaces they’re applied on:


1. Clean every surface

Before attaching your magnetic sign to any surface, make sure that the magnetic side and the surface you are placing it on are both clean. This is because dirt and debris can easily build up on the surface as you repeatedly put it on and remove, and the accumulated debris can easily scratch the surface’s paint.

You can clean these surfaces by using a soft cloth soaked in a mild detergent. After wiping them clean, let them completely dry first before you apply your magnetic sign back on the surfaces. The final cleaning step is to ensure that your magnetic signs are not placed over rusty spots or flaky paint because these surfaces can significantly decrease their magnetism.


2. Store your magnetic sign in a clean and dry place

When not using your magnetic sign, remember to store them properly to extend its life and preserve its colour and form. Keep it in a dry room temperature place and make sure that it is stacked flat on a level surface – never folded. This will preserve its original shape and keep it from breaking.

Additionally, you must avoid placing sharp or damp objects on top of them because these could damage the face of your magnetic signs, leaving scratches or causing discolouration.


3. Remove the magnetic sign regularly

To protect both your magnetic sign and the surface which it is affixed on, you must remove magnetic signs at least once every week, especially during sunny days. Leaving your magnetic sign on your newly coated cars or trucks can damage the painted vehicle surface. Long-term use can also cause uneven patches on your vehicle’s surface due to prolonged exposure to the sun because an area is shielded from the sun by the magnet.


4. Monitor the temperature

One important aspect to remember as you care for your magnetic signs applied on vehicles is to be mindful of the temperature. Avoid applying them on surfaces with temperatures that exceed 65 degrees °C because the heat can cause its magnetism to decrease.

On the other hand, you should also be careful in using magnetic signs in cold weather because these temperatures can cause your magnet to become stiff and brittle, making them vulnerable to cracking or being blown away.



Magnetic signs are your business investments. For this reason, it’s best to care and ensure regular maintenance for these materials no matter their size. Most importantly, to make sure you only have high-quality magnetic signs, examine the sign companies you want to work with before entering into any commitment. Be wary of signage companies utilising cheap and low-quality material that not only loses its function but also damages the surface they are affixed on.

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