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5 Ways to Make Your Retail Signage Unique and Noticeable

5 Ways to Make Your Retail Signage Unique and Noticeable

5 Ways to Make Your Retail Signage Unique and Noticeable


Advertising your business is crucial to your success, as it’s the best way to make sure your target audience knows about you and your services. However, if you’re a retail store, then the stakes are even higher, as your signage is essential to attracting passersby and encouraging them to swing by your shop. It’s also a valuable opportunity to impart the desired impression upon your potential customers, which can determine whether or not they’d want to give you their business.

Coming up with your own signage involves a lot of careful thought and planning, as retail signs in Australia are known to be vibrant, catchy, and engaging. That means you’ll have stiff competition to contend with, so you’ll need a strategic sign that also looks sleek, modern, and professional. That way, your brand gets noticed, and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of visitors who may end up turning into paying customers. Here are five ways to make noticeable retail signage:

1. Use Contrasting Colours

Vivid colours are the easiest way to grab someone’s attention. They’re also one of the primary elements that people remember, impacting how they regard your brand and determine whether or not they’ll check you out. However, you’ll want to strategically use vivid colours to make sure that it doesn’t obscure your message or make it hard to read.

Instead, contrast a vivid hue with a muted, softer tone, which will draw more attention to specific parts of your sign. It will also make your display piece stand out in your audience’s mind, and retention is a critical factor of getting prospects to convert.

2. Utilise Different Shapes

Design elements have their special meaning, which extends to shapes. The shapes you use will have a subconscious effect on your customers and form their perception of you. For example, if you use lots of hard lines, squares, and rectangles in your sign, they’ll be more inclined to think that you’re solemn and severe. However, if you use lots of circles, they’ll think you may be more playful. Be sure to exercise caution when selecting shapes for your signs, as you may be unknowingly aligning your business to emotion or meaning that can backfire. 

3. Strike a Balance in Design Elements

Less is more, and you’ll make a more significant impression on your audience if you use simple signage. If you furnish it with too much detail, you may cause passersby to glaze over it, especially since other things are fighting for their attention, like their mobile phones. Instead, strike a balance in your design elements and make sure your message is concise but precise, communicating only the essential details. It’s also best to use easy-to-read fonts instead of playful, handwritten fonts since they will hold passersby’ attention for longer.

4. Display It Clearly

You may end up with the most attractive sign in the world, but it will all amount to nothing if no one can see it. Your sign must be visible and readable from all angles, so make sure you position it high enough so passersby can see it as they’re walking below it. It will also help to make it visible for those driving past your store. 

5. Make It Big

People can’t see tiny signs, so the bigger your signage, the larger your lettering should be. You’ll also want to consider how it looks like from a distance to prevent any accidental design mistakes that can make you go viral for the wrong reasons.



Designing retail signs may sound like a bit of a headache, but by practising these five ways, you’ll come up with a distinct sign that sets your store apart from the competition. Whether you opt for acrylic business pieces or custom banners, paying attention to these details will get your target audience to notice you. 

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