4 Ways to Boost Your Signage's 'Wow' Factor


Signage still play a pivotal role in today’s hyper-digital world as it continues to grab people’s attention, offering an aesthetic breath of fresh air in busy streets. Hanging signage by your brick-and-mortar establishment can do wonders to showcase your message to your community and attract curious customers, making it a versatile and relevant marketing tool for boosting awareness. 

Good design is everywhere as businesses improve their branding to keep up with the competition, so you still need to up your game if you want to ensure your signage are truly attention-grabbing. In a time when people have grown desensitised to advertisements, we’re here to help bring back the “wow” factor in your designs so your signage can continue to catch eyes:


Tip #1: Choose Colours that Represent Your Brand 

Colours are powerful elements that can reveal your personality, evoke strong emotions, and call people’s attention. Bold hues make your signage stand out and easy to spot even from miles away, but the best colour scheme should complement each other, not clash and distract passers-by. 


Tip #2: Include Compelling Copy

Colours may set the tone and mood of your signage, but it’s the copy that helps deliver your message clearly to potential customers. While effective signage should inform readers, adding too many details will only lose their interest. Purpose-driven copy that is short yet sweet can have the ability to empower customers, so it helps to make the text appealing and readable by choosing the right fonts, sizes, and colours. 


Tip #3: Apply the Right Graphics to Complete Your Design 

Words and colours can shape the body, but nothing can grab the attention better than a visually interesting graphic to complete your signage’s narrative. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it can take your message to greater heights too! Just be sure to choose images that complement your logo, typeface, and corporate colours to ensure the design is cohesive. 


Tip #4: Play Around with Different Signage

Banners are the go-to choice for signage, but you can make a more dynamic impression by using interesting textures, coatings, or finishes for a unique approach. You can go for a glamorous look with glossy surfaces or a modern aesthetic with matte finishes. 

Instead of sticking to banners, roll-up signs, and the likes, you can go on a completely different route by trying floor signs or even mobile signage! Play around with your environment and let your imagination loose.


The Bottom Line: The Power of Well-Designed Signage in Boosting Your Business

When digital solutions fail to invite customers to your doorsteps, signage fill in the gaps by establishing your presence in your community. With the right design that grabs attention and guides passers-by, you can drive more traffic to your business and maximise ROI for affordable costs. 


Are You Looking for a Printing Company for Your Graphic Floor Signage? 

Knowing when to leverage print marketing potential, like banners, can put your business ahead of the competition. While digital solutions are key to succeeding in this internet age, vinyl banners, roll-up banners, stand-up banners, and more still play a pivotal role in boosting your marketing efforts. 

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