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6 Benefits of a Car Wrap

6 Benefits of Car Vinyl

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You know when you’re out for your regular drive and you see a car wrapped in promotional stickers and you find yourself actually reading it? Car wraps are a very effective way to get your businesses name out there and in front of people. Plus there’s so much advertising room that you’ve already paid for, why not take advantage of that?


Car wraps are also effective at protecting the original paint coat as the vinyl wrap cops most of the UV, small stones, weathering and minor scratches which increases the value of the car at resale time. Here are a few benefits and things to note about car vinyl wraps:



If a car experiences damage or scratching, vinyl wraps are a cheaper alternative to new paint jobs. In the chance that your car gets damaged and panels need to be replaced, it is cheaper and easier to match and fix the colour/design.



Vinyl wraps are quicker and easier for changing colour and signage on cars. The signage is easily removed and can be replaced with any custom print or colour. This especially comes in handy when colour matching and replacing damaged panels.


Paint Protection

As mentioned earlier, vinyl wraps are perfect for maintaining the original paint works. The vinyl does not damage the paint underneath, dependent on the state of the paint job before application. The earlier you wrap the car, the better. Vinyl protects the colour from fade and damage, therefore allowing you to restore the car to its original paint job for better resale.



No buffing or polish is needed. You can wash your car as normal without damaging the vinyl.



Dependent on the vinyl used, signage can last between 5 and 12 years. This provides excellent scratch and stone damage protection for longer term.



The possibilities are endless when you custom design the vinyl wrap. Whether it’s for promotional or design purposes, you can create intricate and detailed designs that you just can’t get from custom paint jobs. Artwork and design are guarantee to be high quality as you print directly to the vinyl.


A few Tips and Tricks

For the best results, make sure you use high quality vinyl. By using brands such as Avery, you have the best chance of the vinyl wrap lasting longer.  Make sure to wrap the car early, if the paint job is starting to separate before the wrap is installed, the paint may come off during the removal process. Vinyls can come in a variety of finishes, colours and designs so make sure you look around at different options and styles before committing. If you’re worried about your warranty, car vinyl wraps won’t be an issue! Vehicles still remain within warranty guidelines so you can get the finish you want.


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