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5 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Sign for Your Business – What to Know

5 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Sign for Your Business - What to Know

5 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Sign for Your Business - What to Know


Walk down any commercial centre and you’ll be likely greeted by a plethora of outdoor signs. Most businesses will have one, but have you ever stopped to think why those outdoor signs are so prevalent?

Chances are, you haven’t. Most of us think that outdoor signs are just a norm, and while that may very well be the case, there are several reasons most businesses need to have one.

In this article, we’ll outline what those reasons are. Find out what makes outdoor signs so beneficial in business by reading below.


1. They immediately identify the business

Outdoor signs inform the people who walk by about the presence of a business. Without one, a storefront will most likely appear as if it was a private space. This situation is clearly not ideal, as it may completely prevent people from walking into the business in the first place.

By having a clear outdoor sign that everyone can see, your business is able to instantly communicate with the public that you are there and ready to serve customers.


2. They differentiate the business from others

Additionally, the presence of an outdoor sign also makes your business more visible in a potential sea of many other businesses. If the signage is designed well and placed strategically, it can effectively act as a way for your business to set yourself apart from your neighbours.

Think of it this way: if there are multiple businesses located tightly in one location, effective outdoor signage can serve as a point of reference for those passing by. This can be the one thing that sways potential customers’ decisions in your favour.


3. They direct customers to where they have to go

Outdoor signs don’t have to be limited to your storefront either. As long as you are permitted to do so, you can place signage in busy locations to serve as miniature billboards for your business. These can be used to direct potential customers who are not in your business’s immediate vicinity and lead them to your doors.


4. They describe a business

Outdoor signs aren’t limited in terms of their contents either. While most will have the name and logo of the business, it might not always be clear to customers what the business is all about.

Look at restaurants as an example. Sometimes, the name of an establishment doesn’t quite capture what its products and services are like. With the use of added signage that supplement that main one, a restaurant can highlight and bring attention to descriptive terms like “breakfast” or “buffet” that instantly tell the viewer what they can expect.


5. They enhance the brand

Finally, outdoor signage can also enhance your business’s branding. Based on its design alone, it can send messages to the viewer that can make them feel a certain way. Colour, font choices, and graphics can all contribute a great deal to your business’s identity, and you can use them in an outdoor sign to communicate your brand’s ideals.



As you can see, outdoor signs play a huge role in many businesses. It’s a fundamental aspect of most businesses that many people take for granted, but their benefits are definitely impossible to ignore.

We produce a wide variety of different signs customised to any need. If you are looking for an outdoor sign for your business, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help.

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