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How to Smoothly Apply Window Graphics to Your Store – Our Guide

How to Smoothly Apply Window Graphics to Your Store - Our Guide

How to Smoothly Apply Window Graphics to Your Store - Our Guide


Whether you’re putting up a poster, a piece of vinyl, custom banners, or an etch mark film, there is more to laying down a window decal than just cutting and pasting. They’re a great way to deliver a message on your storefront and can be repositioned or removed without leaving any residue. If you’re interested in putting up a decal for your business, use this primer as a no-fail guide for using window graphics.


What is the Difference Between Standard and Subsurface Decals?

Standard window decals are fairly straightforward—just stick them directly onto your window. Subsurface decals, on the other hand, place the adhesive on the viewing side of the decal, which allows you to protect it from vandalism and theft by applying it from the inside of your store.

To avoid air bubbles and wrinkles, follow these easy steps. Take note that these applications work for all types of adhesive graphics except ones that are water-soluble.


1. Clean the surface

To get rid of any bumps or debris, wipe down your surface with glass cleaner. Be mindful of what type of cleaner you’re using and avoid anything ammonia-based.


2. Mix together an application fluid

If you’re using a wet technique to apply your graphic, mix together some soapy water. Simply add a drop or two of dish soap into a 750ml to a 1L spray bottle of water. This will keep the decal’s adhesive from sticking and make applying it with a squeegee or piece of cardstock easier. This will also keep from trapping air and prevent wrinkles during application.


3. Use tape

To ensure that you’re putting your decal down in the correct location, get another set of eyes to take a look while you tack your graphic down. For a more precise application, use a tape measure and level. When you’ve finalised its position, take a piece of tape equal to the length of your graphic and tape it down to the top of your decal.


4. Remove the liner

Lifting the decal from the bottom, remove the protective paper or plastic without allowing the adhesive to touch the window. Try not to accidentally touch the sticky side with your hands.


5. Apply your graphic from the top down

After removing the protective layer, spray the surface of the window with the application fluid you created. Then, slowly lower the decal onto the freshly-sprayed surface from the top down.


6. Flatten from the center outwards

Using your squeegee or cardstock, start from the center and apply firm pressure to force the water out from under the graphic. This will prevent any air bubbles from forming.


7. Remove the tape

Once your decal is properly applied, remove the tape from the top of your graphic. Pull it outwards so as not to remove the graphic from the glass. Be sure to give the adhesive a little time to bond before pulling off the tape.



An inexpensive way to enhance the look of your storefront, window graphics are a must-have for any business owner. Do it wrong, however, and you could find yourself having to deal with pesky air bubbles and wrinkles.

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