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Where Is the Best Spot for Your Retail Store’s Signage

Physical signage when you have a retail store is crucial. Therefore, you need to invest in good quality signage that can make your physical store more recognisable. Aside from having elaborate and engaging visuals, you also need to put them in the right place. The location of the physical signage is everything; otherwise, you won’t attract clients to come in. In this post, we will discuss the best areas to install your physical signages.

The Activity Around It

When thinking of where to place the physical signage, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is what people are doing when they see the sign. Are they in transit? Or are they simply waiting?

You should also consider the places they hang around or where they usually stop. Finally, consider any physical obstacles along the way, like a divider, post or stairway.

The Distance

You should also consider the distance from the ground because the best location for your physical signage should be where consumers spend their time the most. The physical sign must be seen clearly and should interact with your potential clients.

The Angle

The angle of the sign must be considered as well. Static signages must point downwards to allow customers or passersby to look up to the display. On the other hand, digital signages must point upwards to allow for longer interaction.

The Surroundings

The surroundings play a crucial role in the location of your physical signage. Therefore, you must install it where there are fewer visuals to distract customers’ and passersby attention. Make sure that the sign isn’t overwhelmed by the surroundings causing customers to ignore it. Consider placing the sign on a shelving space or an empty wall.

Aside from that, you can take advantage of the background, such as columns or partitions that you can use to make your physical signage stand out.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • The cardinal rule is to ensure shoppers outside the store see your sign, which means the signages must be in the entrance or driveway to make people aware of what you have to offer.
  • Make sure the sign is clean, operational and well-lit at all times.
  • The sign must be readable from a specific distance. For example, if your physical store relies on foot traffic, a chalkboard signpost on sidewalks can be effective.
  • Your signage must direct traffic inside.
  • You can use stickers or decals to hang from the ceilings to provide details to customers.
  • Signages must contain visuals and other designs to catch the attention of your customers.


Store signages play an important role in your marketing. When done right, they can drive traffic to your physical store and spread brand awareness that will lead to business growth. Keep these things in mind when thinking of where to place your physical store signages. Doing so will allow for better results for your business, whether that be an increase in new customers or steady sales.

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